Ayse and Harun

how we met

We first met back in middle school where I thought of him nothing but a friend. He was close friends with my brother and a group of other guys.

how they asked

The proposal occurred in central philly where My fiancé got a hotel room and in big letter balloons put Marry Me on the wall with a cute ring balloon. Then on the ceiling was a bunch of balloon and on the eBay was a heart shaped roses as well as all over the floor was roses and cancels lights. Thenon big was a heart shape rose where he was kneeled down and he proposed. I was so happy, excited and emotionally at the same time. It was an amazing surprise. Harun and his best friend as well as his best friends girlfriend were at the hotel at 9 am and the proposal didn’t occur almost 10-11 hours later. They were working on it all day to make it the best day ever!

Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Waterworks Restaurant
 | Restaurant