Ayron and Robert

How We Met

Rob and I started talking from eHarmony just after New Years of 2013. He lived in Cambridge, I lived in Hamilton. We talked day in and day out, and when we planned to meet I become very sick with Laryngitis for 8 weeks straight! I couldn’t talk, I was even taking time off of work to rest my vocal cords because it wouldn’t go away. We had then planned another date when I was finally feeling better, and he became very sick! It was like the world was trying to keep us apart!! I honestly think it wanted us to fall a little more in love with each other so that it wasn’t just lust. When we finally met, I gave him the most awkward kiss on the first date. He picked me up after a nightshift where I was working at the time, and we went out for breakfast but I was just exhausted!! When he came in to my life, he made nothing but positive grow from that day on. He was the sweetest, most genuine man I had ever been with. In May of that year, he asked me to go to Cuba with him and his family! During the trip, I fit in perfectly as I was the most clumsiest person EVER for some reason. If it was bad and could happen to me, then it did! I think it made him and his family fall in love with me even more! We grew closer and closer together as the year progressed. He would literally drive to Hamilton at 11 o’clock at night when I got off of work, and he would go back to work for 5am and work 9 hours then come back and visit me. I didn’t drive at the time. August of that year, his 21 year old brother became very ill – within 10 days they told him and his family that his brother had 2 types of rare cancer…and his heart stopped and he passed. We came into each others lives as if someone knew that we would be the best love for each other through it all. We have always continued to be the best people for each other since.

how they asked

Oh, well! This man, I tell you! It started out with his parents coming over to our house one night and they brought a sheet for a $700 sail boat trip that his dad has “won” at a raffle at his work. His parents “weren’t going to be able to make it” because they had a stag and doe to go to. They asked us if we wanted it, even sat there with a straight face while I looked on my calendar to make sure I wasn’t working that weekend! Turns out I wasn’t (obviously!!). Rob had been monitoring the weather ever since, and so had I – but for different reasons clearly! :) The day before I asked Rob to come shopping with me because I just wanted to look the most beautiful for him, and I wanted him to pick out a nice summer dress for me to wear on the sail boat! From the time we left, to the time we got on the boat he would not let me sit on his right side. At that moment, I was confused but I left it because I just thought it was him being strange! Turns out later, the ring was in that pocket and he was paranoid! So we get on the sail boat, and drive out into the middle of the water towards where the Toronto Pan Am games were being held. I had joked at the fact that this would be the perfect place to get engaged! He had reiterated that he didn’t have the money yet. I told him I was joking. We had just moved into our first home 3 months prior, he was having trouble finding a secure job that didn’t have lay offs, etc. Anyways! He had gone to the bottom of the sailboat with the Captain to get food prepared. When he came back up the Captain said “Do you want a before picture” but it didn’t register before what, I thought maybe before we got to Toronto ha ha. So the Captain then brings out a gift box and says that this is just part of the boat ride. Here I am thinking “I’m going to have to give this to his mom, because his mom was supposed to be here – not me!”. I open it, and the world sort of went in a blurr, I couldn’t really read it because the water was choppy and the necklace kept moving but when I finally caught it, it was engraved with “Ayron, Will You Marry Me?”.

Image 1 of Ayron and Robert

My jaw dropped, all I could say what “WHAT, SERIOUSLY” about 300 times. All he could get out was how much he loved me, and how much I was there for him when his brother Dylan passed away (he looked like he was going to tear up, I was melting)..I said yes, shaking with joy. I also just wanted to add, he asked BOTH my parents for permission…my mom and my dad! He knows how much they mean to me. All I can say, is I have the worlds most amazing man, and I wish if we could, we’d get married tomorrow! To call him my husband is my dream. :)

Image 2 of Ayron and Robert
Image 3 of Ayron and Robert