Aynsley and Mitchell

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How We Met

I met Mitchell senior year of high school. He played on a traveling baseball team with my brother. I saw a picture of them both and instantly thought how cute he was. I followed him on every social media site, and he took control from there ;)

He messaged me and we started to talk, and soon enough became such good friends. Living 3 hours away made it a little difficult to hang out so texting and face-timing brought us together really quick!! We both decided to go on missions – he went for 2 years, and I went for a year and a half. We wrote letters the whole time and I remember at one point on my mission receiving a letter and just feeling so much love for him. I knew I wanted him forever and if I didn’t get him, I would miss out on the WHOLE WORLD!

When we both returned home, we spent every waking moment together. He really is my best friend and will forever be my soul mate, the one I cleave to happily for eternity.

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how they asked

Because Mitchell and I were long distance, we would meet each other at the Salem Pond every time we got together. It ended up being such a special place to us where we chatted about all kinds of things. I was mainly obsessed with it and he supported me ;)

So, it was January 7th – I got home from work and saw I’d received flowers at my door with a letter that said “meet me at the Salem Pond at 5.” At that point, I knew it was coming. My room turned into a tornado of clothes and I was screaming and running around the house!!! The wait to 5 o’clock seemed like an eternity!

When I arrived at the pond, there were candles leading up to the dock where we would usually sit. There he was, with a sign that said “Marry Me” my jaw dropped and I didn’t even have words after I saw the ring.

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He said “do you say yes?” Hahahaha !!! YES OF COURSE I said!!!!!!

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Special Thanks

Kenny Dawn
 | She shot the engagement pictures-- not the proposal picture!!