Ayla and Chris

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How We Met

On a whim I decided to stop by a job fair at a local pub. I got hired on the spot with several others! And one of those people that got hired was Chris! We started just by being coworkers and then one staff party later, Chris became my knight in shining armor. I was going through a hard time and he was so so sweet to me!

Our first date started off at a coffee shop as a study date. We were about to depart, but he could I was a little sad. He said he wanted to show me something, so we stopped quickly at his house to grab a blanket and we went to this beautiful park overlooking the city! We sat in the cold for hours, listening to our favorite song on repeat while he sang to me. That night he captured my heart, and the rest is history!

how they asked

Chris works out of town and as our 3rd anniversary was approaching he told me he had to work that day. I felt a little sad, although I understood. My sister, Maddy, asked if she could stay over Tuesday night and thinking nothing of it I said sure I’d love a girls night.​ The next morning, which happened to be Chris and I’s 3rd anniversary, Maddys alarm was going off and next thing I know she rolls over and gives me a card. I immediately sat up and excitedly opened this card thinking how sweet it was he gave my sister an anniversary card knowing he was going to be gone… Well little did I know he had a lot more in store for that day than just an anniversary card.

“Good morning Babe! I’ll be seeping when you’re reading this so I’ll need you to do a couple things for me! 1. I need you to follow this because there are some fun things planned for you and Maddy today! 2. I need you to get out of bed and be out of the house by 10:30! 3.You need to wear something nice, but also something that you will be warm in because you may be outside. 4. Your first stop is the place where we had breakfast together! De Dutch! You have to be there no later than 11. I love you so much! Love, Chris ”

I jumped out of bed and got ready so quickly and was bouncing ready to go. We head to De Dutch and enjoy ourselves a wonderful breakfast. YUM! Just as the check comes and we’re finishing up, I get card number 2!

“I hope you had an amazing breakfast babe! Next stop on your day is a place we both love to kick back and relax! You deserve it with how hard you’ve been working! Maddy and you are going for Mani and Pedis! At the Nail Keeper! Your appointment is at 1:00 pm! I love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow ! xoxo- Babe ”

Off we go on the next stop of our day! We get ourselves some Starbucks and head to the nail salon (The Nail Keeper.. Seriously the best!!!) for the best, most relaxing pedicures and manicures. I had the BEST time and almost forgot about the crazy adventure we were on when I got my third card!

“I hope you are enjoying your mani and pedi! You should be done at about 2:30, so after you’re done your next stop is just across the river on Whyte. Time to hit Chapters! You have until 3:40! Then it is skating time!!! You and Maddy are on a tight schedule! Try to be down there just before 4! Maddy has your skates! Don’t sweat too hard, you have one more stop after! Enjoy my love! ”

Chapters may seem like a funny place to send someone, but it just shows how well my fiance knows me! I LOVE Chapters and could spend hours (and all my money) in there. So a quick stop to Chapters and off we were to the skating rink! Chris and I had just gone to Victoria Park for skating and has such a blast, I couldn’t wait to go again!

Maddy and I lace up our skates and are skating around the rink when I point over to the skating path and suggest we check it out. I lead the way and as I turn the corner on the path I see Chris! I skate over as fast as I can with tears streaming down my face… I skate into his arms and he grabs me and tells me about all the things he loves about me and our little family. Then he’s down on one knee and made all my dreams come true by asking me to marry him!!

I feel so lucky and so blessed to have such a thoughtful, romantic fiance and am thankful for everyone that helped make the day so special!

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