Aygin and Ramzee

How We Met

Ramzee and Aygin had French class together in high school. Since freshman year, Ramzee had the biggest crush on Aygin. Ramzee would ask for Aygin’s phone number, try to be ‘friendly’ and attempt to make her laugh. Three years pass by and Ramzee is still adamant about asking for Aygin’s phone number. After three years- you would think that he would give up, but he never did. Talk about persistence. Ramzee and Aygin occasionally exchanged texts. One night, Ramzee asked Aygin’s friends if she was going to a high school basketball game. Aygin was attending so Ramzee had to make an ‘accidental’ appearance with his group of friends. He thought he was being so slick and smooth. Little did he know, she knew what was happening the whole time. Ironically, Aygin didn’t pay much attention to him during the game.

It wasn’t until the end of the game where Ramzee and Aygin exchanged a look (yes, it was in slow motion and yes…it was just like the movies). This is what Ramzee, still to this day, refers this to as “THE LOOK”. Ramzee, even to this day, tells Aygin that the ‘look’ was all it took for him to realize that there was something between them. Aygin was quite the pessimist about love and Ramzee was the opposite. During high school, Aygin focused on her studies and didn’t believe in ‘romance’- as that wasn’t a priority for her. Little did she know, that one night of her attending a high school basketball game would change all of that. It wasn’t much after that Ramzee asked Aygin out on a ‘date’.

I put it in quotation marks because she specifically told him it was not and was still convinced that there couldn’t possibly anything special about two teenagers going to get lunch at Panera Bread. She was so adamant about it not being a ‘date’ that she insisted on picking him up and her running errands. She’ll never forget how nervous Ramzee was. He ordered a salad and ate politely while she inhaled her cheesy, warm, chicken panini. As she dropped Ramzee off at his house after their get-together (see what I did there?). He told her he loved her- that he always had and forever will. She laughed and was creeped out to the third degree. “Was this how I was going to die?” “Did I have a stalker?” And “…thank God I drove.” Secretly though, she knew there was something more to him than your typical ‘high school boy’. So, she didn’t respond back to his grand ‘I love you’ gesture but instead told him that it was fun and politely kicked him out of her car. Romantic, I know- right?

February 14th, 2012- she finally said yes to being his girlfriend. Did she believe in love? No. Did she know what their future would hold? No, not really- other than verbally telling each other their goals, dreams, and aspirations for the future. Did she see potential in him though? Yes.

Here we are, seven years later. You know the saying, “…and the rest is history”. Well, she didn’t really know what that meant until him.

“You start with nothing, work with something and you do it together.”

From high school sweethearts to later on attending college together (University of Washington) to then, being a long distance for 2.5 years to finally now…becoming forever sweethearts.

How They Asked

He proposed at the college we went to. It is one of the most beautiful college campuses in America and in the springtime, it is infamous for the beautiful cherry blossoms.

So there, in the middle of the thousands of people who were enjoying the cherry blossoms- he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever sweetheart. I said: “EKKK” and got so excited that I took the ring out of the box and placed it on my own finger.

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