Ayesha and Dhairya

Wedding Proposal Ideas in there were 3 proposals

(LEFT: Ayesha and I together at the school dance)

(RIGHT: Ayesha and I together after 8 years, also at another dance)

How We Met

It all starts with St. Teresa’s hospital, Where I entered into the world unknowing to how unique of a destiny the universe had planned for me, or that in the same room, same floor around a year ago my now wife was born there too. As people grow from babies and parents move around, we realized that even though we both attended different primary schools (due to locality), we were no less than 5 minutes away from each other our whole lives, well up until then.

Our first meeting.

Even though we were close (location wise) this whole time, we had never officially met until this point. Scared out of my mind, I had just gone from being the the eldest in my primary school to taking the leap into high-school as freshman. New school, new people, and more importantly new school bus to get there. Upon entering the bus I saw Ayesha for the first time, not knowing what life had in plan for us I unsuspectingly sat right behind her, to my demise. Bullied all the way to school by my true love is a memory that stays with you in the same room forever! she’s changed now, but trust me on that day I cried all the way back till I got home that first day. Sufficient to say I stayed away from her wrath till we turned 16.

I got her number.

pretending to ignore all the previous meetings we had, was essential in this step for me. Just like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgins, our love story needed a little high-school musical to help. Luckily for me I was pared up with her arch enemy in a school dance, and before she knew it we were not only exchanging words but I even managed to obtain her phone number. Even though the screen was black and white (more like grey) I will never forget the help that blue Nokia back light gave me in dark of the night, or how that same light got me into trouble by my parents when they caught me.

The main point here was that I got her number walked to my local grocery store, and hand delivered her favorite pack of 6 lemon tea to her doorstep, this was my move! I was going to fall in love! Sadly, NO! she took the lemon tea waved goodbye at me, and I forgot to patent my idea and Foodpanda, Deliveroo, Doordash all came to birth haha!

8 years later.

I know its not as good as 10 years later, but after not speaking to each other or even keeping tabs on each other since the lemon tea delivery felt like eternity. All of a sudden my best friend tells me that Ayesha is moving to Shanghai, where I was working at he time. Excited as hell I started to wonder what are the chances that she’s coming to Shanghai, the one that got away is coming to China! My best friend informed her of my Chinese phone number, and told me shes moving in the next month. As the months went by I waited with not a single day going by where I was no thinking of our first meeting as adults. 3 months later I thought she had already moved to Shanghai and just not messaged me, well not quite, my friend had actually messed up her dates, but didn’t matter as something inside of me knew that this time is going to be different.

Day 1, Meeting 1.

December Shanghai, snow falling outside, It was so beautiful when she came, not too mention cold! She invited to me for drinks last minute, as friends, unknowing of all the awkward questions I was dying to ask her. And so we met…

“why didn’t you hug me, when I got you the lemon tea?’

“you know you bullied me first day of high-school right”

“I’ve liked you since school”

Ok, that last one is more of a statement, but you should have seen her face! if you ask her how this meeting went she can shine a light on the questions that she asked me. We spoke for hours and hours until 5:00am precisely, and that is when I realized that all this time and all these years have passed but this girl right here, is worth everything I have to give. At this point like a mother kangaroo I put her into my pocket, she didn’t know it yet but I was never going to let go of her.

How They Asked

Proposal 1:

We moved in together after 6 months of dating in Shanghai, high on life and in what couples call the ‘Honeymoon’ phase. I made the mistake of a century! After a whole bottle of Jack between Ayesha and I, I got down on one knee in the apartment and proposed to her without a ring…or my t-shirt! to my surprise Jack helped me a lot that night, as she had said her first ‘Yes’.

Wait for it….

We woke up the next morning and the rather than the customary ‘Good Morning’ I got the

“you know you still have to propose right!”

Ayesha's Proposal in there were 3 proposals

Proposal 2: The Diamond

Unfortunately during this part I kept falling ill quite too often and hospitals became a regular visit for us. I had actually spent the last 6 months knowing that I was going to eventually propose, so I prepared a ring for her. Now this part shaped the rest of my life. My wife is very: ethical, cares for not only people but the environment too, and loves going on holidays. Preparing this ring was the hardest thing I had to do, I kept searching and searching and all found was expensive jewelry stores all of which I either couldn’t afford. To my delight and surprise after some deep digging I found out about Lab-Grown Diamonds. I went onto buying my first ever diamond in life, even though it was Lab Grown. got a ring made out of it locally, and kept it hanging around my neck for the whole month. the reason this shaped the rest of my life was it inspired me to help other like me so I started “The Diamond Library” an online engagement and wedding rings retail shop, where we exclusively make rings from recycled gold and lab grown diamonds, because they truly help you save money, without a drop in quality. Take it from me guys give your spouse the honeymoon they’ve always wanted. In my case the saving allowed me to afford a trip to the Maldives.

things to keep in mind if you are going to do this:
1) Keep your top on during Sex! -or you can initiate a month long dry spell

Proposal 3: Library

This is actually where the library part comes in. The final proposal before the wedding, It was our last weekend in Shanghai, and Ayesha had finished her last working Friday. We were throwing a farewell house party at ours on Saturday for all our friends, and we had wrecked the house, as I had planned. She didn’t know it but I had booked us a room for Sunday In the JW Marriott (Tomorrow Square), Shanghai.

“Whats wrong with you?”
“Why would you book us a hotel, in the same city”

The best advice to the men who are reading this, there are millions of things that can go wrong in planning and executing a proposal. Whatever you do, do not loose your cool! specially on this day! no matter what is thrown at you.

After a whole hour of polite convincing, I had manged to get Ayesha out of the house, called a maid to clean up the whole apartment, and started to make our way across to the Hotel. We checked in, she passed out! perfect! This gave me the required time to coordinate with the staff. The JW Marriott holds the Guinness World Record for the ‘Highest Library’ in the world at 230.9 meters. Whats better is 1 of the book selves acts as a a secret door that opens into a balcony. It was at that balcony where I finally got onto 1 knee, and asked “Pooksie, Will you marry me?” and even though I knew she was going to say ‘yes’ I just wanted to make her feel special.