Ayesha and Afnan

How We Met

We met during NYFW in New York City. Our first date was a fashion show!

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how they asked

Afnan always joked about how I fancied myself a Disney Princess. That, coupled with my obsession for anything Disney made “The Happiest Place on Earth” the perfect setting for what would be one of the happiest evenings ever for us. Almost 6 months prior to the proposal, Afnan and his family visited our home so he could secretly ask for my parents’ blessing. (My family managed to keep this secret from me until after the proposal!) Fast forward to the summer when, under the guise of a conference in Florida, our families traveled to Orlando. That Saturday evening, as we were all decked out at a formal dinner, Afnan suggested we slip out. I actually refused to accompany him, thinking we couldn’t just abandon our families–but he eventually convinced me and said we would return shortly. Reluctantly, I went with him. We arrived at a dock with a private boat waiting for us. Our captain greeted us and took us out on the water, to a perfect view overlooking Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World where we watched the light show and fireworks. It was quiet all around us except for the water below and the star bursts above. I figured this was the surprise and was ecstatic, but little did I know that there was more! Right before the fireworks finale, Afnan got down on one knee and popped the question. I was so surprised! It truly was the most magical evening, ever.

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We returned to dinner to be welcomed and congratulated by our families and friends. The whole weekend quickly became a celebration for us. Later on, my parents told me the story of how Afnan asked their permission. They said he asked everyone to please keep it a secret from me because “every girl deserves the perfect proposal story” to accompany her ring. Ours could not have been more perfect. Definitely fit for a princess.