Ayden and Jacob

How We Met

Jake & I (officially) met our 3rd day of school freshman year at Utah State University. We were technically introduced over text by our mutual friend, but met officially at a football game! Our seats happened to be right next to each other. We immediately hit it off and talked to each other the entire night! I couldn’t even tell you who won the game… it was so easy to talk to him! I’m a fairly shy person, so that was pretty uncommon for me. We went on a date that night, the night after that, and the night after that, and I guess the rest is history? No, I wish it was that easy! We honestly have had quite a crazy roller coaster of a ride.

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We started dating super fast and talking about marriage soon after that, and it freaked the heck out of me! Long story short, we broke up and got back together twice in the 3 years we’ve dated, but we both know now that it needed to happen that way. We wouldn’t be where we are now, without that! And I am sooo grateful. We’re now approaching our 3 year anniversary of when we met (September 3rd), and we are happier than ever. We’re getting married December 22nd for heavens sakes! I love my Jake Martin. He makes me better.

Ayden and Jacob's Engagement in Crystal Cove State Park, CA

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how they asked

I gave Jake 3 rules when we started talking about getting engaged. #1- talk to my dad (a given). #2- get it on camera. & #3- make sure I look good…(Maybe shallow but who cares!) Anyways, Jake planned a little trip to California to pick up a car, it was only a quick 48 hours, so I guess you could say I wasn’t suspecting any sort of proposal. The DAY we arrived he sent me off to pamper myself because he had ‘work to do’ but needless to say, I was happy to take up that offer! After I got back, he told me to get ready because he was taking me to a fancy dinner.

I put on my favorite dress and he took me to Bayside restaurant in Newport Beach. (P.s. it was amazing!) After dinner, we drove to the beach to watch the sunset, and that’s REALLY when I knew something was happening. He got his phone out and was following apple maps to some spot… & he wasn’t saying ANYTHING. Jake is always talking so that’s when I knew, something is really happening!

We turned the corner and there were candles lighting the path to a little table with pictures and sunflowers.. It was a dream! He just kept hugging me and looking at the ocean when FINALLY he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most perfect night of my life. And we were so lucky that Jake’s friends @_swabbie_ and @childsmason could help out and take the most BEAUTIFUL pictures that we will cherish forever!

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