Ayanna and Aiden

How We Met

I met Ayanna in college. My roommate of 3 years had been friends with her and even had a picture of them together hanging over his bed and we never met. My roommate eventually went off to study abroad and I moved in with a few of his other friends, and into my life walked Ayanna. We began our relationship as friends and quickly realized there was something more between us. At the beginning of our relationship, Ayanna’s dorm was under construction because of the discovery of black mold and I invited her to stay with me in my apartment. She moved in and we have lived together ever since.

Ayanna's Proposal in Bermuda

How They Asked

After 5 years together, and Ayanna supporting me through college, most of masters degree, and my mother’s cancer diagnosis, I knew I was with the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We discussed marriage but I continued to tell Ayanna that I needed to finish my master’s degree before I could even think about marriage. Little did she know that I had an engagement ring hidden in our room, my family knew and I had already asked her sister for permission.

Proposal Ideas Bermuda

Since the process of getting my degree while we both worked full time exhausted us both, we planned a cruise to Bermuda for my graduation and as a chance for us to reconnect. I knew there was no more beautiful place to propose. I reserved two private beaches and a fancy car to take us “out to dinner” from the cruise port.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bermuda

Along the ride, I pretended to ask the driver to take us to see a beautiful beach, which had been the plan all along. We walked to the beach and there I proposed. After the proposal, I booked a photographer to do a private session with us and then we walked a few feet over to the next beach where a private chef prepared a 4-course meal for us. She was surprised at every turn and it was more and better than I could have ever imagined.

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