Rene and David's Awesome Skydiving Proposal

IMG_4483How we met: One day a male model friend of ours, Tribble Reese, posted a new image that was recently taken by Firestine Photography (David’s company) on Facebook. I (Rene) was actually impressed because he was wearing clothes!

Most of his favorite images are all shirtless so I commented on the photo, “very nice”.

David quickly clicked “like” on my comment and promptly reached out to me about possibly doing a photo shoot together, to which I politely declined. David wouldn’t take no for an answer though, he refused to give up and was persistent for several weeks. I finally decided to at least meet him for a quick drink and chat.

After regrettably making the date I did everything I could to try to bail out on him and he quickly caught on to my plan and decided to call me out on my bluff.

He charmingly convinced me that there is no harm in having a free drink and a couple of laughs, so I kissed my mother bye and told her I would be home in an hour.

Eight hours later I FINALLY come home, all giddy and giggly. After that night we were inseparable. Within a few months we moved in together and started working together full time.

Going on that date was the best decision of my life. It changed everything for the best.

IMG_4456how they asked: On May 24th David, I, many friends and family decided to go skydiving for what I thought was my 25th birthday celebration! After all, it was the only thing I wanted to do for my “quarter-life” birthday. We had a few groups of friends jumping at different times so we decided to make a day of it! We all brought coolers, dogs, food, and happy faces!


David apparently hired the skydiving team to video my jump as well as had a couple of friends shoot the day as well, a videographer and a photographer. I didn’t think anything of it because our lives are surrounded by cameras in the industry we work in, whether behind or in front of the camera. He even had the sky divers trick me into thinking that his instructor had to jump first to get down by a certain time and I thought I was the one who planned to jump last so my friends couldn’t chicken out, little did I know that was part of the plan the whole time!

As we all got strapped up and made our way to the plane, David had our other friends on the landing strip laying out the big surprise. We all go up in the plane and are having a blast the whole way up, well, most of us were having fun. A couple of my girlfriends were terrified of jumping, but they collected themselves and managed to jump! I watched each one of them jump out of the plane before my turn finally came. It was wonderful, we did a few flips on the way out, spun around and then came to a calm glide on the way down. The instructor kept me distracted pointing out the mountains in the distance. As we were getting closer to the ground he reminded me to lift my legs before we land. We started coming up fast on the farm and he yells “Rene, can you do one more thing for me?” and I shout, “Of course!” he then points “Look over there!”. He was pointing to this massive sign stretched out on the landing strip that read “Rene will you marry me?”, next to the sign was my amazing David on one knee with all my family and friends right there screaming and cheering. We landed and I ran straight to him in such shock and excitement! His face will never leave my memory, filled with love and complete happiness! He then proclaims “Baby, you’ve been the love of my life since we first met. Please, will you marry me?” and I couldn’t even look at the ring before jumping straight into his arms, wrapping my legs around him as tight as I could and said “YES!” I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement, I finally let him put the ring on my finger and was shocked once again, the ring is perfect!!!

As soon as I collected my tears, I immediately started hugging all my family and friends and proceeded to cry again! The day was nothing short of epic proportion. I couldn’t believe all the effort, secrets, planning, and love that went into my special proposal! I was incredibly grateful to my friends and family for being there, especially those that risked their lives jumping with us that day! Each time I look at the video, pictures, or ring I think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful man who did everything possible to make the proposal happen perfectly. I’m beyond thrilled to share my life with him!