Avishay and Kobi

How We Met

We first met at a big party in Tel Aviv. It was definitely coincidence I was not supposed to go to this party, I very spontaneously decided to go to this party and there Kobe saw me. The truth is that I did not pay much attention to it, the party was over and from there each one praised you on his way. Kobe regretted not coming over to talk to me and get my number. He happened to see on Facebook that one of our mutual friends tagged me in a photo from the party and sent me straight a very honest and cute post on Facebook. We decided to meet and from there everything is history.

How They Asked

The preparations for the marriage proposal were very exciting. I planned to propose to Kobe on a tropical beach especially in Miami. I did a quick search on Instagram and immediately found this perfect company – “PRC Cloud Nine.” I sent them a message and they answered me immediately. It was important for them to hear what style I wanted and in what location.

Avishay and Kobi's Engagement in Miami, FLMarriage Proposal Ideas in Miami, FL

The person who talked to me was Julia and she helped me with all the details, from the design level to the exact hour we would prepare the marriage proposal. I thank God that I found this company that helped me organize everything so perfectly and so specially.

Special Thanks

PRC Cloud Nine
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