Aviance and Daniel

How We Met

Aviance and I met during our first year of Law School. We began talking to each other in passing until we realized we were next door neighbors (Crazy right!?). We then became study partners and a few months later started dating! I knew she was the one when she rode public transportation (something she would normally never do) to come to see me over our holiday break! After our first year of Law School, I discontinued to pursue a different career path, and she graduated two years later and passed the bar!

How They Asked

Aviance does EVERYTHING big! So I knew I had to step my game up with the proposal. However, it was definitely a task to plan everything out without her knowing. We always travel together, whether in the states or another country. So I had this idea of starting an “Engagement Tour.” This is where I told all of our friends that I planned to propose. We traveled to NC, GA, VA, and DC and each place I told our friends what the plan was! The day of the proposal, I was a nervous wreck. I proposed on a Sunday afternoon so naturally, we went to church that morning, and I see all my church friends (that know about the proposal) and they immediately console my trembling hands. Time is slowly going by and I am counting the seconds till 1:30 PM. We were scheduled to meet my parents for Brunch at Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse. Unbeknownst to her I had all our friends and family in the restaurant anxiously waiting to surprise her!

Aviance and Daniel's Engagement in Brasa, Raleigh NC

As we approached the restaurant, I had our back turned away from the restaurant and we paused to take a picture near a really nice water fountain. As we took the picture everyone came outside behind us! When Aviance turned around she had 25 family members and friends and cell phones all directed towards her! At this point, I tell myself “It’s time, let’s do this!”. I had a speech prepared to confess all my love for her. Then, the nervous worm took over and my brain went BLANK! Sheesh! Perfect timing right? I was able to muster a few heartfelt words and drop to one knee! When I asked if she would marry me, she responded with an astounding “Of Course!”. I’ve been dating this awesome woman for almost 3 years (1023 days, exactly) and I’ve never had her at a loss of words…until then! We then celebrated over waffles, omelets, and mimosas! The rest is history!

Proposal Ideas Brasa, Raleigh NC

Where to Propose in Brasa, Raleigh NC

Amber Robinson/photographer/ She really assisted in getting the perfect shot and planning the best spot to propose. Friends and Family for purchasing plane tickets, driving hours, leaving vacations early, and making the overall effort to share this special moment with us! Also, keeping this secret for over a month!

Special Thanks

Images by Amber Robinson
Amber Robinson