Avery and Travis

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How We Met

When Avery was dropped off at College her freshman year at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI, the last thing out of her father’s mouth before saying goodbye was, “stay away from the hockey guys!” Well…that went through one ear and out the other. Less than 3 months later, that would be when Avery would meet Travis…a D1 hockey player!

Avery Larson and Travis Ouellette met in October of 2009 at Ferris State University. The two were introduced by teammates at the time – Travis played D1 hockey and Avery ran cross country. Not knowing then, but Travis and Avery lived in the same dorm which was considered the sports dorm due to all of the sports teams having to report to campus at the end of July/beginning of August for their seasons to begin. By early November, Travis and Avery were dating. Travis found it difficult to be in a relationship while focusing on school and hockey and like Avery’s dad always said, “he has to give up one: social, hockey, or relationship…” and after Christmas break, Travis would give up his relationship. The two broke up and then would get back together come Spring once hockey season ended. They would date throughout the summer and beginning of the school year and then once again, hockey was Travis’ main focus. Come January, the two would break up and get back together in the Spring. Avery shared with him that would be the last time he’d choose to do that or she wasn’t comin’ around again…Travis made a good choice and stuck with her ;)
For the rest of their time at Ferris, Avery cheered Travis on in the hockey stands until both of them graduated Ferris in the Spring of 2013. Avery with a degree in Public Relations and Travis, a degree in Marketing with a concentration in sports. Travis decided to skate off to Australia to begin his professional hockey career while Avery hung back to walk at graduation. She would later fly to Adelaide, AUS to support his passion for the ice.

Travis eventually made his way back to North America where he played hockey all over…literally from one end of the US to the other – Indiana, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Missouri were just a FEW of his stops. Our first straight 32 hours together was in a Honda Civic trekking across the US from Windsor, ON, CAN to Bakersfield, CA. If you can survive a small car ride with the one you love, marriage will be a breeze ;)

In 2015, Europe eventually called his name and Travis packed up his skates and flew to Sanok, Poland where he would play for a few months.

While Travis was away, Avery found her passion in fashion and retail working for ivivva, lululemon’s girls’ athletic brand. In early 2015, Avery had the opportunity to travel the West Coast for 2 months as a brand ambassador for ivivva sharing the company’s vision + mission through pop up shops, yoga events, and much more. Travis decided to hang up his skates in November 2015 and traveled home to be with family, friends, and of course his love, Avery.

By the time November 2016 hit, Avery and Travis celebrated their 7th year together and Avery was getting antsy for a proposal…Travis would make her wait 4 months for a ring…he’s really good at that.

how they asked

Avery and Travis had a ski trip planned for April 2016. Their plan was to rent a rad Air BnB with 8 other couples, but when all 8 couples bailed on them, they decided to pack up their car and drive out West for a sweet mountain sesh, just the two of them. Avery grew up skiing in Breckenridge, CO as her family and family friends had a time share there. Breckenridge, Copper and Keystone were her favorite mountains and it was her dream to be proposed to in her favorite place on earth…Travis took good notes ;)

While on the ride out, Travis would drop the hint, “why don’t you google some photographers out in Breck? We don’t have any professional pictures of the two of us and I think it would be cool to have some taken in the mountains…” Me thinking this was odd because this was not the Travis I knew suggesting sappy couple photos.

When we arrived in Breck, Travis kept hounding me to research photographers. I emailed a few through their photography websites, but no responses. This is when I found Travis Konkle with Dramatic Focal Point, but he was only a proposal photographer. Well…we weren’t getting engaged, so why would I ask him? My Travis had me contact him anyways. I decided to reach out via Instagram DM as his IG account was active and he had recently posted a pic (see the DM picture attached). No response from him, so I gave up. Trav wouldn’t though. He made me text Travis a few hours later. He ended up texting right back saying he got my IG DM and was hesitant to respond as he wasn’t a photographer who posed couples, only surprise proposals, and that he was super busy with other proposals coming up and that he wouldn’t have time for us. I was bummed and was going to leave it at that…not knowing him and Trav were talking behind my back planning a staged proposal. He reached back out and said he could squeeze us in, but it would be a quick shoot 30-45 min. on a Tuesday morning and I needed to pick the place. I had seen photos of shoots he’d completed at Sapphire Point in Breckenridge, CO and I knew this was the backdrop I wanted for our professional images…not knowing I was planning my own proposal.

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We met Travis on a sunny and brisk Tuesday morning at Sapphire Point. As he was testing out the lighting and taking test shots of us, he was asking Travis a lot of questions about our relationship. The last question he asked Travis (before my Travis got down on one knee) was “you’ve been together for 8 years? Seems like a long time, so why don’t you change that…” and BAM! my Travis was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Travis knew the location and the right spot to get an amazing backdrop of our dreams. We received text messages after text messages asking us if that was a postcard. LOL. Both of these guys gave me a dream proposal…and I guess I helped out, too!

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Special Thanks

Dramatic Focal Point
 | Photographer
The Glass Art Company
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