Avery and Landon

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How We Met

Six years of loving my high school sweetheart and I will replay the day I said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” a million times every day until I’m out of time! (maybe not a million but many many times) Landon is a baseball player that has traveled, moved and competed more times in new cities than I can even fathom. Safe to say this sweet relationship is not always daisies and rainbows, but we have fought for each other every day since we were 15. I went off to college somewhere different than where he was playing ball and we did long distance for three years before I decided to move to Knoxville, TN to finally live this life together. Although the time apart was brutal, I can’t even put into words the value of the memories, laughs, a fusion of our small worlds and all of the LOVE that we chose for those three years. I graduated from college just super pumped to be in the same city, but little did I know that LL had even bigger plans for us than finally being in the same city. (actual tears in my eyes right now) Landon asked me to be his wife, I’m moving to our new city and we are going to do this thing! This man is worth more than I could ever imagine and makes me better every single day. Long story short—I get to be his WIFE!

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how they asked

LL told me he’d love to have date-night once more before he left to play summer ball, so we went downtown. We drove right past the restaurant he had originally told me he had made reservations and parked in a parking lot about half a mile away. He looked over at me and said: “I actually have a surprise for you and we are not going to dinner tonight.” *heart drop* I immediately started to breathe heavier and tried to keep my cool.

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I kept trying to convince myself that it was not happening and I needed to settle down. He grabbed a cooler and a blanket and we walked down into a park, laid the blanket out and started to have a picnic. About ten minutes in he started to get antsy and sweaty. Very sweaty. He grabbed my hands and said the words I had so deeply wanted to hear from him for so long.

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Safe to say I was a complete disaster sobbing, trying to catch my breath. THEN! My sister crept out from behind the shrubs and continued documenting the greatest moment of my life. After a while of taking it all in, he told me the house I grew up in was full of all of our best friends and family! The night was more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

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Special Thanks

Gentry Railsback
 | Photographer