Avery and Drue

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How We Met

Drue and I met when I was five years old and my family moved to a small Indiana town. Our families became best friends, celebrated holidays, and went on vacations together. Everyone would always joke about me and Drue getting together one day. In high school, he shared his feelings with me only for me to tell him I was only interested in being friends.

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I think deep down I knew that if I was going to be with Drue, it would mean forever and I just didn’t feel ready for that. So he waited patiently, and over the next year we became best friends. He would always surprise me with special dates and presents. We always joked that I hated surprises and that’s why he always did them.

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Eventually we went to college and I left on a mission trip to Peru for a year and a half. He sent me letters every week during the entire time I was gone. It was there that I realized how lucky I truly was to have such a loyal and loving man in my life. When I returned home, we became boyfriend and girlfriend and this weekend he amazed me with the biggest surprise yet! And I SAID YES!

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How They Asked

I was sitting with our families in the stands during The Ohio State spring game and our friend grabbed me to go to the field. The girlfriends of the kickers were supposedly doing a fun field goal kick during halftime. I had no idea what was actually going to happen! When I went to kick the ball, he stopped me and I thought I had done something wrong until he grabbed the tiny box from behind him. And I SAID YES!


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