Avery and Cory

how we met

It was move-in weekend at Loyola Marymount University where this love story begins. It was sophomore year, and as a transfer student, Avery was excited to start a new adventure. She arrived at her room, ready to begin unpacking her life into her new space. She was pleasantly surprised to find her new roommate already well moved in. When Avery looked to the side of the room belonging to her, there was a blond-haired boy sitting on her bed, chatting up her roommate. Little did she know at the time but that blond-haired boy (Cory) would be her future husband! Of course, Cory claims he knew it was meant to be from day one. Towards the beginning:One day Avery was studying in her dorm room when her phone rang. An unknown voice told her to “Open your window.” Being ever so inquisitive she asked, “Um ok, why?” The voice laughingly told her, “I can’t tell you why, but I need you to look out of your window right now!” A very confused and perplexed Avery looked out her second story dorm room window to find a handful of guys singing The Little Mermaid’s Kiss the Girl. Much to her surprise, her dorm room door opened at that very moment and who walked in but Cory *spoiler alert* who then proceeded to kiss his forever girl! It wasn’t until a few weeks later, and a very romantic walk on the beach, they officially started dating, and became the ultimate couple, aptly given the name Cavery, due to their inseparable desires to be with each other.

how they asked

Cavery were so excited to get out of town for the weekend and head to Palm Springs. If you have ever been to Palm Springs, you know how gorgeous it is. On the third day of the trip they took the infamous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of the mountain and spent the day hiking beneath the trees – who knew there were trees in the desert?! Avery may not have, but don’t worry she is always right, remember! At the lodge, there is a stairway that takes you to the highest point on the mountain, where Cavery happened upon the most unreal view of the entire desert canyon.

On one of side of the lookout point there is a wishing cliff, where people throw pennies as far as they can and make a wish. Of course, Avery had to throw a coin. She dug a penny from her purse, threw it as far as she could and made her wish. When she turned around Cory was standing there, ring in hand, and she knew the universe had heard her.

Special Thanks

Paul Douda Photography