Averie and Caleb

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How We Met

Caleb and I are 21 and 22 and we have been dating for three years now! I believe our story is quite unique.. we met at ages 12 and 13 at a campground in Newport Beach, CA. We were both on a family camping trip and there is this little Bay Area where a bunch of swimming toys were for kids. I spotted him above on this iceberg type toy that kids were jumping off into the water. I’m extremely extroverted and Caleb is more introverted, so I decided to introduce myself because.. I thought he was cute 😂 long story short, we hit it off and we hung out the entire week. Bike rides, swimming in the bay, he paddled me on his board and we just had the best time together and had the biggest crushes on each other. But when the time came to leave we had no ways to communicate or stay in touch (before good old iPhones where a thing) so of course my little self was heartbroken. God has interesting plans though for people’s life. I hoped to see him again someday and little did I know we would connect 9 years down the road, accidentally and meet up at San Clemente State beach, where we had our first date. Sadly no picture from the time we were at the beach :( but below is a picture of our favorite spot and our first few weeks of dating.

How They Asked

Caleb and I love San Clemente, it’s our favorite spot to surf at and is just a very special place for us. On Sunday we decided to have an all day beach day and go surfing in the morning. We made breakfast and spent the entire morning waiting for the sun to come out and for the waves to get better! Finally we went in when the waves were decent and after we were done surfing, Caleb asked if I wanted to hang out on the bluffs (in the same spot where we had our first date.) I was entirely oblivious because our anniversary was on Tuesday so I thought it was just a special little date. We were taking a trip down memory lane, cherishing all our wonderful memories together. We got to the bluffs and it was just us watching the waves, no one around and well I was caught off guard when he asked me to marry him! I cried like a little baby. I was so overjoyed and it was just perfect. It was simple and so us and I wa so happy he proposed to me in our secret spot where our whole relationship began. If I only I could tell my 12 year old self that 9 years down the road that boy I met camping would be my husband! Our phones died on the beach so we got a photo once we got back to our van!

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