Avalon and Henry

how they asked

It was our 5 year anniversary and we had gone away for the weekend to the beach. We had a very chilled out day doing things we love like going for breakfast, laying on the beach and watching our friend play rugby league. I wanted to get my nails done and Henry didn’t oppose it and ducked off while I was in the salon. We had a dinner booking so we had to run to the car to get back and get ready- when I opened the car door, Henry had put 2 blocks of my favorite chocolate on the seat. I hugged him and told him ‘this is the best surprise since you asked me out!’ Henry laughed at this and when we got to our hotel, hurried me to get ready. When I was nearly ready I realised that I had forgot my shoes in the car, Henry offered to get them.

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I walked out onto the balcony watching the sunset as I waited for him to come back, feeling truly content with my life and very happy. Henry called out to me when he got in and I yelled back hoping he would come out to meet me. But I turned around and saw my dear Henry standing there holding a white board and a bunch of flowers, identical to the way he had asked me out 5 years earlier. ‘ARE YOU SURE!?’ was my response which Henry says is so typical of me. It was the absolute perfect personal proposal. It was actually what I hoped he would do but didn’t want to tell him so he wouldn’t do just because I said. Everyone says the fact that he did it just goes to show how perfectly suited we are, he knows me so well but now we can spend the rest of our lives getting to know each other even better!

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