Auzdon and Megan's Romantic Rooftop Proposal

Auzdon and Megan_7

how we met

Auzdon and I met on a blind date set up by two of our mutual friends. Originally, our friends had been trying to set me up with someone else (which I was completely unaware of), but then my friend mentioned that the guy who she was renting her apartment from was really cute and would be right up my alley. She showed me a picture and I immediately said “Yes please!” So we decided to meet.

It was simple enough, we met for Thai food in Seattle and then spent the rest of the evening learning about each other’s life. It was a pleasant date and I really liked him, but I was also on the mend from a break-up and was scared to jump back into the dating game. But I really liked this guy. So we went out for another date later that week, and I almost bailed! I got so nervous that I tried to hail a cab and get out of there, but Auzdon wouldn’t let me go alone. He hopped into the cab with me.

I told him how scared I was, and that I didn’t think I was ready to date again. And he didn’t fight it, he just listened. He asked me to keep talking to him about it, even after we had gotten back to my friend’s apartment. So we talked… And talked… And talked. For hours. We talked for so long we both had lost our voices, and the sun was starting to rise. By the time we finally called it a night and I went home, I had made up my mind. This man needed to be in my life, and I already knew he was the man I wanted in my life forever.

how they asked

Megan and I were moving to Texas from Seattle after I finished my military training in South Carolina (unfortunately, she wasn’t able to accompany me). While planning our trip to the Lone Star State, I told Megan it would make the most sense for me to drive to Texas from South Carolina before flying to meet her. I asked if she’d be okay with driving the first night by herself to Oregon, so that she could pick me up in San Jose the next morning. (Little did she know I was never going to let her drive by herself).

I bought the airline ticket and sent her the itinerary months in advance to make it believable. Then, about a month before we were supposed to link back up, I went ahead and rerouted my flight to Seattle a day earlier. My family convinced Megan to have a “going away” lunch with them before she left the next morning to start the drive to Texas. We had her meet them at my condo in Seattle where Megan and I spent our first date.

While they were out at lunch I had my photographer, Jessica Oda, sneak up to the rooftop of the condo with me where I would ask the big question. My roof overseas most of the Seattle skyline, making it the perfect backdrop to capture this once in a lifetime moment. My sister pocket dialed me once they got back and were heading up to the roof so that she could “take a selfie.”

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Auzdon and Megan_3

Auzdon and Megan_4

Megan opened the door to see me across the way, after which I quickly dropped to one knee. After getting over the initial shock (that felt like an eternity), she finally walked over and I asked her to marry me!

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Auzdon and Megan_1

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The next morning we drove together down the Pacific Coast as the future Mr. and Mrs. Anothen.

Special Thanks

Jessica Oda Photography