Autumn and Wyatt

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How We Met

I met Wyatt when I was 11 years old in our middle school band hall. Actually, I distinctly remember the first time I saw him–crazy curly blonde hair, old slip on tennis shoes with cartoon laces printed on them, a striped shirt, and plaid shorts. He was coming up to say hey to one of his friends standing next to me (ironically my brother, who is now his best man), and I caught his eye for a second. I do not know how serious I was about it at the time, being only 11, but as soon as Wyatt walked away I turned to my brother and said, as cheesy and weird as it sounds, “I have a feeling that’s the guy I am going to marry”… I guess I was right! Wyatt and I “dated” 2 whole months in middle school. We texted our way through the whole relationship and managed to share one dance to Beyonce’s “Halo” where he asked permission to put his hands on my waist for the standard “arm length” slow dance. After that, as many middle school relationships do, we broke up and went separate ways. When I was a freshman in high school, Wyatt was a sophomore. We started talking every now and again since he was hanging out with my brother more and we were in marching band together. I was a little shocked when one day a friend of his came up to me and asked what I would say to going to Homecoming with Wyatt– I said I would say “yes” and the next day I had a date. We were the most awkward people at the entire dance and after a slow dance Wyatt decided to “ease the tension” by leaning back and pumping his fists in the air over and over. It made things pretty painfully awkward for us and we decided to leave it as friends (don’t worry, we will come back to this sweet/hilarious gesture of his). Finally, Wyatt and I became drum majors together the end of my freshman year. We sat down and had a serious talk that we would stay friends and would never date again– but we can see how that turned out. We started dating the Fall of my sophomore year, made it through a semester of long distance while Wyatt went to college, and now here we are– engaged!

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how they asked

Wyatt was not great at hiding the fact a proposal was in our future– granted, I am pretty good at spoiling surprises. The morning of the proposal, Wyatt took me to a drive-thru safari we usually go to for dates. He was acting pretty suspicious the whole day and I started to get the feeling something was up. He assured me he just wanted to make a movie that night that we were planning to see and it actually threw me off a little bit! When we finally got home, he said he was going to go help some of his friends move some furniture. I was not super interested in moving furniture, so I said I would happily go swing by and pick up my textbooks for the semester if he didn’t need any help. He agreed that it sounded like a good idea and shoved me out the door to my car. At this point, I knew exactly what was going on. After about 2 hours, I got a phone call from him that he was at Central Park (one of our favorite places) and he needed me to bring a stapler, a hole punch, and scissors. Wyatt is a TERRIBLE liar– as you can see by his request of supplies that would help him “move furniture”. When I got to the park, Wyatt called me and said he was on the dock. From a distance, I could see lots of people out at the spot and I started to get nervous. I thought maybe he actually did need all those weird supplies for some reason so I grabbed them from the car and walked over. As I got closer, I saw three people sitting down– each with a string instrument. Wyatt was holding his guitar and smiling. I finally got to the dock, and set down the hole punch on his guitar case. He turned around to the trio, counted them off, and then they all began to play. Wyatt started to sing and I thought for a second I might recognize the song, but then I caught the lyric– “…his mane and a beanie cap” and suddenly I realized, this song was about our entire relationship starting at the first day I saw him. He wrote an entire song, music and lyrics, about every single thing in our relationship from our first awkward dance to “Halo”, the crazy fist pumping at our Homecoming dance, and every inside joke we had ever had. At the very end, he put down his guitar as the strings kept playing, and he asked me to marry him.

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Special Thanks

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