Autumn and Shane

How We Met: We met in 2013 when I got a new internship where Shane worked. He didn’t talk to me much, but we went to rival colleges, so he got the courage to make a bet with me on a football game between our schools. I lost, so I had to buy him lunch (not fair, I was an intern!) and we ended up talking for 2 hours straight. About a month later, we both happened to be at a Pacers game separately and met up after and have been together every day since!

Image 2 of Autumn and Shane

Image 1 of Autumn and Shane

how they asked: I had been asking if we could go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) for months. One night out to dinner with Shane’s sister, she asked if we wanted to go to IMA the next Saturday. I was super excited to finally go! We met up with Shane’s sister and brother -in-law in the parking lot and I was set on seeing a specific exhibit.

They wanted to waslk around in a different area first and we happened upon the original “LOVE” sculpture. Megan and Phil took a photo in front of it, but I though Shane would think it was too cheesy to do the same. They asked if we wanted to take a picture of it and after the first photo, Phil pretended to have camera troubles while he Shane got down on one knee! Apparently they were recorning the whole thing! I was in such shock that it took a few minutes before I began to cry.

Image 3 of Autumn and Shane

After, we walked over to the area where The Fault in Our Starts was shot and took pictures on the sculptures and played on the swings. It was perfect!