Autumn and Matthew

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How We Met

Growing up both us were heavily involved in 4-H and spent most of our summers preparing for and showing cattle at the county fair. My family has a farm on one side of the county and his family the other so we never really crossed paths until the best 10 days of summer. During the last year of our time spent showing cattle, he decided to ask me on a date to the ice cream stand and we’ve never looked back since. We’ve spent the majority of our time dating separately across the state while I’ve been away at school and he’s been working as a firefighter/EMT so our engagement was a perfect surprise.

How They Asked

The holidays are a big deal for my family. Most of us are spread across the country so everyone comes home for the holidays and we all have a huge sleepover at my grandma’s house and fill the week with as many Christmas traditions as we can. This year we decided to start a new tradition of going to look at the lights along the monument circle located in downtown Indianapolis. Although I know Matthews job working on an ambulance is very important I was honestly super bummed he would be at the station and wouldn’t be able to join us for this new tradition.

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My family all gathered around the circle and my aunt who is always behind the lens capturing every moment we are together decided she was going to gather us all for family pictures. About this time I turn around and see an ambulance with lights and sirens pulling over in front of us and immediately I begin thinking I really hope whoever is inside is okay but little did I know that ambulance was filled with all of my closest college/childhood friends and my soon to be fiancé who began walking towards me.

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As I’m taking it all in I look up and see my first Christmas present from Matthew was also in attendance. Our 3-year-old chocolate lab, Flare who was just as excited as the rest of us. Matthew got down on one knee and my whole family cheered and I can officially say this was my favorite call he’s ever went on and my new favorite Christmas tradition with all my loved ones.

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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