Autumn and Kevin

Image 1 of Autumn and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and Autumn met over 8 years ago through a prank phone call. Autumn had called a friend intending to prank him, and instead of the friend picking up, Kevin did. They ended up talking all night long. While Autumn would not reveal her identity to the mystery man that night, she did tell him her phone number. They started texting the next day, and have texted one another every day since.

how they asked

Kevin and I were standing on a boardwalk overlooking the ocean at sunset. We were talking about how beautiful the sky was and how much we loved Ogunquit when Kevin put his arms around me. He looked at me and asked me if I would marry him. My heart sunk, and I quickly asked him if he was serious. Kevin laughed, said “of course, I would not joke about that,” and got on one knee. I, of course, said “YES!”