Autumn and John's Nashville Marriage Proposal

John actually met my grandmother before he ever met me!

Central Alabama Community College is where it all began…John played baseball and I played volleyball. We did share English 101 and crossed paths in the gym, but never spoke to one another.

John and Mamaw Opal shared a casual conversation in the parking lot of the apartment complex where all the college athletes lived.

Later in Fall 2008, John overheard me on the phone and decided to confront me the next day. John said, “I think we may have the same problem..let’s talk.” So, being the southern gentleman that he is, he put his tailgate down and we began to discuss the issue at hand. Relationships. We both felt an immediate connection! But the kind of connection that makes you think,”I just made life long friend.” For five months we washed clothes together, studied, and made late night trips to get ice cream. We always denied any real feelings to our teammates and friends. John and I had a typical first “official” date, Dinner and a movie (the first Twilight) with another couple. John asked Autumn to be his girlfriend on his best friend’s birthday. I made a phone call to my Mom telling her, “I have a boyfriend!!” ….as if she didn’t already see that coming.

We are proof that the foundation to a great relationship starts with a strong friendship!

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how they asked: John had a couples weekend planned in Nashville, TN.

Two of our dear friends, Cortney and Preston, were in town celebrating Cortney’s birthday. John and I were celebrating our 5 years “Met Ya” day (the day we met 5 years to the day.) The four of us spent the later part if the afternoon watching football, getting ready for dinner, having drinks and jamming out to our favorite music. Girls being girls, we ran late for the dinner reservation so the guys made a later reservation. (except the call was fake and the entire evening was set up around sunset.) Since we had about an hour to “spare” we headed downtown. The guys decide to walk on the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge. (Just to update you- two weeks before I had begged John to take me for a walk on the bridge. He claimed we didn’t have time because we had to get ready for a weekend trip to Dallas, TX. I was mad and pouted for the 10 minute car ride home.)

We walked across the bridge and took picture of each other. John and I casually walked The Bridge hand in hand. In the middle of a short conversation John reaches in his pocket and pulls out a Pad Lock and two keys. He hands me the pad lock and one of the keys and wishes me a happy “Met Ya” day. We don’t normally do big gifts for anniversaries so this was nothing out of the ordinary. We are a sentimeantal couple. As I look at the precious pad lock I noticed it is engraved with our initials & 10-19-13. He explains to me that we are going to put it on the bridge wih the other few locks and throw the key into the water. At first, I was not okay with throwing BOTH KEYS into the Cumberland River. I wanted to keep one so I could later take the lock off and keep it for myself. I continue to be difficult while our friends took pictures of the moment. I just wanted to keep the lock, okay?

With all the patience in his body, John explained to me that the purpose of the lock was “forever…”

At THAT EXACT MOMENT he drops to one knee and said,

“Autumn I love you. Marry me?”

I then realized the sun was setting, our friends are videoing and snapping pictures, and there happens to be two men playing acoustic guitars in the back ground.

GOSH! Was I a blubbering mess

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jos a banks tuxedos for grooms

He asked me to marry him in the MOST PERFECT WAY and I never even saw it coming.