Autumn and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met a couple years ago on a dating site called “meet me”. He had sent me a simple message saying “hello beautiful” it was simple but made me smile so I decided to message him back. After talking for a little while we went on our first date. Jared took me to see Jurassic world because I loved dinosaurs! To me it was the perfect first date and a great start to some thing new!

how they asked

It was our daughters first birthday party and I was very busy planning that day and getting everything ready so I wasn’t really paying much attention to Jared at that moment. He and his best friend actually went out for a little and nothing dawned on me. But little did I know he had a big plan for that day and it started back in January. One afternoon we were bored and figured we’d go to a bridal show and on the way there we made up a fake wedding date because we weren’t actually engaged at the time. So we picked June 2nd 2018. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time even tho we weren’t even engaged we got a lot of information. So back to the birthday party everything was going great our daughter was opening presents and it finally came down to the last one. Jared handed it to me and said “this one is for you because we are the ones who kept her alive this whole time” so I’m opening this present and I get to diapers. I couldn’t believe he got me diapers. I looked at Jared and he gave me a look to keep going. So I did. I got to the bottom of the bag and the was a note on a purple piece of paper it said “I was hoping June 2nd would still work for you” I looked over and the was Jared on one knee with a beautiful emerald ring. I couldn’t say yes fast enough!! Now I get to marry my best friend!

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