Autumn and Dylan

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How We Met

A mutual friend from highschool set us up. The mutual friend was in my ceramics class and he told me that there was a guy who thought I was cute and that I would make his day by sending him a text message. At this point I had an idea of who it was even though he went to a different school. Later that day I sent him a text message and we managed to meet up at sonic. He asked me out on an official date which ended up being at the lake in the back of his truck with blankets, computer,and a romantic movie! Sadly, I wasn’t interested at first even though I knew there was something about him and we remained friends. As the summer went on we would always run into each other at various places and soon that led to talking and even hanging out almost everyday. By the end of summer we had become bestfriends and knew that we needed each other in our lives. We fell in love and have dated ever since, it has been 4 years!

how they asked

After a super long hike with Dylan’s bestfriend and his girlfriend we had reached the top of the mountain known as Ice Lake. A very beautiful bright blue well known lake up by Silverton, Colorado and 2 hours from our home town of Farmington, New Mexico. As we reached the top there were a lot of other hikers so we made our way to a secluded area on the other side of the lake. We had lunch and then decided to take pictures on a huge rock with the lake in the background. We were the first ones to take pictures and as soon as I looked at Dylan I could see it in his eyes. He looked at me and smiled and got down on one knee, of course it was the easiest yes!

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