Autumn and Brian

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How We Met

We met on Facebook September 27th 2016. I was not looking for a relationship but we talked on messenger for a few days and decides to go meet up at the park one morning and talk in person. So on October 3rd we went on our first date to outback steakhouse and things just sparked. We both worked night shifts 7pm-7am and are both off the same weekends so we spent every weekend off together. And to this day we still spend every day off together. He definitely brings out the best in me, I couldn’t ask for anything more ❤

how they asked

We decided to go see the Christmas lights like we did the year before to make it a tradition and we went with my whole family this time because everyone wanted to go. We spent the whole day relaxing and then headed down to ocean city to see the winterfest of lights ❤ rode on the trolley to see the lights and afterwards both Brian and my dad said “where’s the big tree?” Not thinking anything of it, but that is where they planned the proposal. They took out the big tree and put in a little smaller poinsettia tree so we decided to take pictures in front of it like always. My dad’s a photographer so that wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to. Brian wouldn’t take his jacket off which was annoying me because we all wanted pics without our big jackets on, not knowing the ring was in his pocket. We took a couple pics of me and the family and my sisters and then Brian and I got a pic and then he got down on one knee and dad got it all on video and pictures of the whole thing. It was perfect ❤

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Special Thanks

Earl Campbell
 | Photographer