Autum and Josh

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How We Met

Josh & I met through an online dating site. We had been talking online for while and I invited him to come up to the lake for the day with my friends and I while we were staying at my family cabin. I was still getting ready when he arrived and I was immediately smitten with how sweet he was about waiting for me to get ready and I felt like I had known him forever. We talked a little about everything while I put on my makeup and we headed down to the beach to meet my friends. They all hit it off and I could tell he was a good one. We played at the beach all day then went back to the cabin for a dinner I made for everyone. I like to think it was my cooking that won him over ;) After dinner, just the two of us ended up on the porch swing overlooking the lake, reminiscing about the day and ended the night with the sweetest, most amazing and romantic first kiss I’ve ever had. And now, we are living happily ever in love!
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how they asked

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When Josh and I first started dating, there was a photo booth at the mall we were at, and as much as I begged, he was camera shy and wouldn’t go in it with me. Little did I know that after that day he had decided that he was going to propose in a photo booth. So much to my dismay, any time we seen a photo booth and I would ask if he wanted to go in it, he would always say no and we would move on. That all changed on leap year day, we had decided to go to a bowling, arcade and entertainment place with our friends to celebrate the extra 24 hours. We had some food and drinks, played a few games and were walking around when I spotted a photo booth and once again excitedly asked if we could go in it. He played coy, but with the help of our friends he finally agreed to go in! I smiled for our first picture and was so excited I didn’t notice him pull a ring out of his pocket. Just in time for the second picture, he asked if I would marry him!!! Of course I said “Yes! Yes! A million times yes!!” I couldn’t have been happier, it all turned out fabulous and I finally got the photo strip I had always wanted, with one of my favorite memories of all time documented!