Autocross Marriage Proposal

Jake and I met at work 6 years ago, but didn’t admit to each other that we had deeper feelings than “friendship” until 3 years ago! Once that cat had been let out of the bag, we became inseparable. He introduced me to the world of cars, and we race them together (and competed against each other) on a weekly basis.

One of the groups we race with (Boston @bmwcca) is our extended “family,” so he chose one of those race days as the PERFECT way to propose. There were over 100 people in attendance, and he was able to “sneak” so many things past me in order to get it to work (he bought the removable steering wheel a week prior, claiming he needed it for safety reason – why not, right?!).

Everyone was in on it, and he even managed to get friends and family to come to the event, without raising my suspicion.

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