Austin and Todd

How We Met

We met on FB. Todd’s first message was “Thanks for accepting!” to which I replied “Sure thing!”

How They Asked

For those of you who know Todd, you are likely aware of just how detailed and plan oriented he can be. Surprising him with something as big as a marriage proposal was no easy feat, but miraculously every nuance fell perfectly into place on that Winter night. Todd had a special date night planned for us which started at the rotating skyline restaurant, The Eagles Nest. After dinner we enjoyed the spectacular “Yuletide Celebration” with the Indianapolis Symphony and vocal talents of Sandi Patty. With one last surprise planned for us, we strolled across the street from the theater where a beautiful horse drawn carriage was waiting. As Todd stepped up on the platform I called out, “Hey Babe…” He turned to me and I knew that was the perfect moment to ask him for his hand in marriage.

Special Thanks

Dugan Imaging
 | Photography
Normandy Barn
 | Location