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How We Met

Austin and I met officially my sophomore year of high school in a program called stem, which was special because this meant we would have every class together! We became the best of friends almost immediately. I had always thought he was just the cutest boy in school ever since our elementary schools were combined our 6th grade year! We were best friends for a very long time, until one day after school he tried to kiss me.. reluctantly I told him no, butt little did I know that I was the very first girl to ever tell him no which would only spark even more of his interest in me.

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Surprisingly, we never dated until right after we graduated high school. August 26, 2014 only a couple of days before he shipped out for boot camp to go into the Marine Corps, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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Where we spent the next 3 months living a seemingly endless movie like fairy tale love story with our only means of communication taking place through writing each other super sappy Love letters.

how they asked

My highschool sweetheart and now Fiancé is a United States Marine, and other than two or three days at different times throughout the year, Christmas time is the longest length of time all year I get to see him (which is about two weeks). We have this super special tradition where we always go to dinner and then walk 1.3 miles around Central Park to see the Christmas lights, no matter how cold it is! On Thursday December 22, we started off the night by dressing up and going out for Statesa nice dinner with his family. We were supposed to go see a movie after, but we decided we wanted to go ahead and see the lights as we always do! When we got to the park we started walking the 1.3 mile stretch of Christmas lights, holding hands and laughing and talking the entire time as always, but as luck would have it the very first set of lights were Marine Corps themed, and the very last lights we seen were of a Christmas tree that was all lit up!

We had an inside joke about a Christmas tree that I said I would propose to him at with a ring pop because it’d be super romantic.. but little did I know he hadn’t forgotten about our little joke. We stopped at the Christmas tree and he said “wow this is a nice tree huh?” And then i said “well yeah but it’s a little lop sided, kind of looks like something off of Charlie Brown” which led into us pointing out all of the issues the tree had (super typical for us, we have an extremely playful and fun relationship). So we walked a bit more and I said “I Love this little tradition we have of walking around to see all the lights” and he stopped a bit behind me, let go of my hand and responded “I do too, especially since it’s the last time we will do this tradition as just boyfriend and girlfriend.” Just then He grabbed my hand and I turned around to my 6’4 Marine down on one knee, He told me he loved me and asked me to Marry him of course I said YES!

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Tears welled up in my eyes, I threw my arms around him and couldn’t stop kissing him! I’ve never been so happy in my entire life and I didn’t stop smiling all the way home! It couldn’t have been more perfect, the entire proposal describes our relationship perfectly!

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