Austin and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met the weekend of March 4, 2015. It was the day after a big snowstorm had hit the DC area and I was planning on going to a “mountain weekend” with our mutual friends. I woke up not wanting to go because of the snow storm – a 3 hour drive on snowy roads did not sound appealing to me. I soon found myself on the road to what we called the Mountain House. We arrived and the house was amazing – I felt right at home by the fire with my glass of wine. Justin arrived the 2nd day we were there and I remember being in the jacuzzi when he arrived and I met him for the first time. I really thought nothing of it, as I was happily single and enjoying life. It really is true that life happens when you least expect it and aren’t looking for it. We all had a fun filled weekend with lots of great food, wine, and laughter. We left the mountain house and went our separate ways back to DC.

Soon after, Justin started sending me endless “Snapchats” and I honestly couldn’t stop laughing at them. His sense of humor immediately drew me in. He asked for my number and soon after asked me out for drinks. Going into it, I really thought it was platonic and not expecting it to be a date. We sat at a high top table near the bar and the conversation and laughs flowed so easily. The couple next to us were on their first date, and I will never forget – they asked us if we were married! I guess we just seemed so comfortable around each other that they couldn’t tell this was our first date as well. The evening came to an end and he walked me home. I pulled open my front door and was half waving bye when he pulled me in for our first kiss. I was in shock, but couldn’t stop smiling after that. The rest is really history. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

It was March 4, 2017 – 2 years to the day that we had met for the very first time. We were driving along country roads about 2 hours from Washington, DC where we live together. I thought we were going to a vineyard with friends. We stopped for lunch at our favorite country store and he asked me to go for a walk with him to the old mill across the street.

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There was a beautiful creek and bridge. I crossed the bridge and turned around to him on one knee. I think I said OMG 100 times. He was on one knee for what felt like an eternity telling me all the reasons he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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My sister and her boyfriend were there capturing the precious moment on camera and video. It was exactly how I envisioned my proposal to be and I am so incredibly thankful they were there to capture it. The weekend after the proposal we celebrated for 5 days in Tulum, Mexico (where I assumed he was going to propose!). I found out afterwards that the ring was ready early and he couldn’t wait any longer and did it the weekend before we left.

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