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How We Met

Austin and I had a mutual friend who thought it would be a good idea (and it was) to pass along our numbers to each other. We started texting, got to know a little more than just the basics of one another, and after about a month, Austin finally asked if I wanted to go out sometime. I wasn’t the type to ask a guy out, and to be honest, I didn’t even know if I’d really like Austin in person!

I kept an open mind and agreed to meet him for coffee. He was late, which I soon found is normal for him, but he made up for it later on our date. Austin offered to buy my drink, and when I ordered a plain coffee he said something along the lines of, “That’s all you want? Just a regular coffee?” Yes. That’s all I wanted. He talked on and on, telling me stories including his first time skinny dipping. I laughed and laughed. After our coffees were finished, Austin asked if I wanted to go on an “adventure.” I was having a great time with him, so I agreed!

We hopped into our cars, and I followed him to RC Wiley. Yes, the furniture store. He parked, and got out of his car with a big surprise. He had a horse mask on his head! Had we not talked about this in our texts, I would have thought he was really weird and creepy, but I loved it. We spent the next hour walking around the store, taking photos of us posing on furniture. However, that wasn’t the only surprise he had for me. Before we left, Austin, with the horse head on, got down on one knee and proposed to me with a ring pop (This was the reason he was late. Apparently, not many stores supplied ring pops.)

It was turning out to be the best first date I’ve ever been on. Austin suggested since he had prepared for the fun date, that I prepare dinner, so we stopped by the grocery store and headed back to his place. I made chicken fajitas, and that peaked his interest. He loves Mexican food, and he thought they were delicious! We talked some more, he tried to dance with me in the kitchen, and then as it got late, I decided to head home. He told me he wasn’t sure how to read me. I swear he was trying to lean in for a kiss or a hug, and it was really awkward.

After spending the next few weeks seeing each other only a couple times, chatting here and there, Austin finally realized that I wasn’t the type of girl that would be there whenever he needed a date. I had my own life, with my own things to do, and I wasn’t going to wait around. He knew that if he didn’t shape up, I’d move on, so he did!

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how they asked

Austin has always been a very sweet guy. He had mentioned a few times that we should do a couples photoshoot sometime, but this one was special. He had scheduled a photoshoot with one of our good friends, Jarvie. We decided that up in the mountains when the leaves were still bright yellow would be a beautiful photo spot. For two weeks we tried to find the perfect outfits. We wanted to look good together without looking like we tried so hard (even though we did try hard and it was the most frustrating shopping experience of my life.)

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We spent the morning up in the canyon, driving to different spots, taking photos, all while Austin and Jarvie were trying to find “the spot.” About 3 hours into it, we walked a short ways up a trail into a grove of aspen trees. Being vloggers, Austin wanted to make sure he caught everything on camera.

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He set the camera to record, and Jarvie was directing us to pose in different ways. He was telling Austin to walk up to me, as I leaned against the tree. Once, twice, “Third times a charm,” Jarvie said. That was it.

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Austin walked up, and started to tell me how much he loved me, although more tears came out of his eyes than words from his mouth. He reached into his pocket, knelt to the ground, and asked the most important question of his life. I said, “Yes.”

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After an amazing hug, and lots of kisses, we carved our initials into the tree, popped open a bottle of bubbly, and spent the rest of the day telling family and close friends!

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