Austin and Emily

Image 1 of Austin and EmilyHow We Met: The day I met Aus was just an ordinary day. Little did I know that our little encounter would change my life forever. We just happened to be standing in the lunch line at our high school cafeteria when a mutual friend in line introduced us.

We made small talk, and nothing more. However, the small talk eventually grew into a beautiful friendship, so much so that I kept trying to hook him up with one of my best friends.

Throughout this process, though, the more I tried to convince her of how great of a guy he was and how she should fall for him, the harder I fell. I guess he began to fall for me too. He claims the night he truly fell in love with me was after he heard me sing the national anthem at a high school football game that we attended together just as friends. As cheesy as that sounds, I’m so thankful for that moment, and every other moment with him since then.

how they asked: The night was September 12, 2015 and I had plans to go out to eat in a nearby town about 30 minutes away with two of my closest friends who just happened to be in town for the weekend. We had decided that a good meeting place for us would be the High School parking lot, and from there, we would all carpool together. I arrived with my friend, Michelle, and we were driving around the parking lot looking for our other friend, Shauna’s car. As we drove by the stadium, however, I noticed something peculiar about the field.

There were rope lights and luminaries lining a path from the entrance of the stadium all the way to the center of the field where there was an antique desk with a TV on it and a beautifully decorated arbor. I was curious what was going on when Michelle said, “Let’s go see what’s going on.” In my mind, I’m like…UMM..NOOO??? It looked like an event or a wedding rehearsal and I was not about to be a wedding crasher. As I approached the entrance, however, I heard me and Austin’s song lightly playing in the background…which should have tipped me off, but I was still focused on dinner…hahaha! As I got even closer, I heard the voice of the teacher who had MC’ed all of the football games say: “Emily Duff, please make your way to the center of the field.”

Image 2 of Austin and Emily

I am still so in awe as I start to make my way to the center of the field where the TV and Arbor are located. As I’m walking, I notice camera flashes on either side of me. Once I got to the center of the field, our teacher’s voice rang out from the PA System:”Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the singing of our National Anthem….and that’s where this story begins.” It was in that moment, that I knew. I knew Aus was about to propose in the very place where he had fallen in love with me those 4.5 years ago. Cody, a mutual friend of our’s voice then rang out from the speakers saying, “Please press play on the TV.” When I hit play, I watched the sweetest video montage of our favorite pictures to our favorite songs from the different phases of life from junior year in high school to senior year of college.

Image 3 of Austin and Emily

At this point, I couldn’t hold back the excitement and tears. The man of my dreams then appeared from behind the arbor, and in that moment, he was the only thing I saw. He handed me a bouquet of daisies, my favorite, and said some of the sweetest words I’ll always cherish.

Image 4 of Austin and Emily

He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I SAID YES…OBVI. hahah! We embraced and hugged and kissed and soaked in that moment while our closest friends watched and took pictures. He then said…do you want to put the ring on?? It wasn’t until that moment that I actually looked at the ring which just happened to be the most beautiful canary diamond ring the world ever did see. It was a fairytale.

And if that weren’t enough, he then whisked me away to a family home where all of our closest friends and family were waiting there to celebrate this season of life with us.

We stuffed our faces, laughed, took pictures, and showed off the new hardware. I’m still in awe of the love and support from everyone, and that God blessed me with someone who loves me enough to plan the most beautiful proposal. And….that’s how they asked!

Image 5 of Austin and Emily