Austin and Charli

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how we met

Austin and I first met in high school during the early months of 2011. I was sixteen and a sophomore while he was eighteen and a senior. We became friends through mutual friends and mutual classes. It was easy to get to know each other being that we attended a high school of less than three hundred in the small town of Loganville, GA. We would always get into trouble talking to each other during class and eventually we started our beautiful relationship and unique journey together March 18th 2011.

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how they asked

Austin spared no detail when planning the proposal. Since we currently have a long distance relationship (Him in Atlanta, GA and me in Jacksonville, FL) we would always be planning when we would see each other next. So a couple of months ago while comparing schedules he had told me he had to go to Alabama for his grandmother’s birthday with his family the weekend of August 13th. I overheard Austin’s parents talking about the Alabama weekend so I did not think much of it. Since I could not see Austin that weekend, I decided to go spend it with my parents and sister in Amelia Island, FL. We had plans to go out to a family dinner the night of the 13th so my sister and I got dressed up and she thought it would be fun to walk out to the beach before hand and take some photos. Again, not thinking anything of it, we walked out the door and down the boardwalk to the beach.

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To my surprise, as I reached the sand the love of my life was standing in a heart of rose petals with the most vibrant sunset falling behind him ready to ask me to join him in a lifelong journey.

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After taking a knee and asking me to love him forever, his parents, brother and sister in law, and my family stormed the beach with laughter and celebration in their hearts.

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