Ashley and Austin

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How We Met

When Austin (Boozie) and I met, We were at the Woodlands apartments labor day pool party in Baton Rouge, La. Austin was a cheerleader at LSU and him and his friends were the center of attention at this event. I am a picture fanatic and decided to take a photo of him and his friends which ended up in small talk and exchanging numbers. After a couple months of ignoring most of his invites to hang out,I finally agreed to give him a chance when he invited me to Buku music festival in New Orleans. During one of the sets, Austin gave me a kiss and ran off. The rest is history. After a year of being together we took our first ski trip together at Copper Mountain, Colorado. It was by far my most favorite ski trip which made Austin wish that one day his dad ( at the time was waitlisted for a heart transplant) and family could make it out to the mountains and see how beautiful it is.

how they asked

After 4 years of waiting on a heart transplant for his father, we decided to celebrate his father’s first trip with his new heart at Copper Mountain, Colorado. It was a Tuesday morning and also my parents 30th wedding anniversary. We planned on celebrating as a family for my parents 30th as well as Austin’s fathers first vacation in years that evening. There were significant amount of clouds on the mountain (horrible for my obsessive picture taking).

After a few runs, Austin and I as well as our best friend Van and my sister Lauren decided togo in for lunch after one more run. The time was around 11:50 a.m when I noticed the sun breaking through the clouds and I could see the blue skies. Me being a photo fanatic I wanted a picture with the clear skies so we decided one more run before heading down. Once we got to the top I was busy clicking away on scenery photos until Van and Lauren insisted on taking one picture of Austin and I before the clouds rolled in again.

We were knee deep of powder snow and I was trying to get positioned for our photo when all of a sudden it looked like he fell on his knee due to the powdered snow. I asked ” what are you doing?” and when he pulled the box out thats when it hit me. The sun was shining right on us and it stayed blue skies the rest of our day.

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