Austin and Abigail

Austin and Abigail's Engagement in Costa Rica

How We Met

Austin and I are from Argyle, Texas and met when we were 17 in our junior year of high school. In August of 2014 I was the new girl at Liberty Christian School and wanted to take his grandmothers senior English class as a Junior and she wanted me to wait until the next year like everybody else. This left me with only one choice, to take yearbook class instead. It was here in yearbook class that I first caught sight of a long-haired, blue-eyed, contagious smiled boy. I was too intimidated to talk to him knowing that he had been at the school since pre-k, he played football, his grandmother was known to be one of the best (and most feared) teachers at our school, and his parents met there 20 years earlier before getting married. I was up against the odds that he would even notice me, yet somehow God knew what he was doing.

Around October I stepped in to help with the middle school cheer and dance team which is where I met Alli, Austin’s little sister. It was by her encouragement that I ever got up the nerve to talk to her big brother. Right before Thanksgiving, I stole his number off the wall in the yearbook and texted him the lamest thing I could have possibly said, for preface the football team was headed to playoffs in Houston. I texted him, “hey, have fun at playoffs” LIKE WHAT?!?! Looking back I am mortified that this is how I thought I could get my foot in the door. He asked me to be his girlfriend on 12.13.14 and the rest is well, history. God moved mountains to introduce us, and it is by His grace that we have been together for the past four years.

Currently, I am a Political Science major at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and will graduate in December of 2019 and Austin is an Accounting and Finance major through Liberty University’s online program and currently has a full-time job, he will graduate in May of 2019.

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how they asked

From January 20, 2018, to April 20, 2018, I was serving as an English teacher to underprivileged children with a ministry called the Abraham Project in San Jose, Costa Rica. My last week of being in Costa Rica, Austin joined me to serve the Abraham Project in any way we could be of help. This ministry means the world to me and to show Austin what God has been doing at the Abraham Project was basically a dream come true!

On our last day in Costa Rica, we went with missionary friends who had been giving us some fantastic pre-marital counseling, to do some sightseeing and hiking. We ended up at a gorgeous restaurant for lunch by a lake and it was basically Costa Rican heaven. Austin asked if I wanted to walk down the trail to the lake and I not so politely declined with the fear of getting my shoes dirty (yup, I was that girl…). Our missionary friends, Kenny and Lauren suggested we all walk down and Austin grabbed my hand and essentially dragged me down this trail he was going so fast! At the bottom I turned to him and he said “You know, I love you more than anything this world has to offer” and the rest is pretty fuzzy but according to the video I spent almost 2 full minutes repeating “Oh my gosh no way, I think I’m going to pass out”.

After I found the words to say yes in the middle of repeating “I think I might pass out”, we returned to lunch where I got to hear about how Austin had been planning to propose since the day I left in January. Including the fact that he asked my dad on a guys vacation over their spring break! All of my friends and family kept the secret for almost 2 months and I am currently re-evaluating my relationships now seeing what good liars they all are! We are returning home the next day to celebrate with friends and family!

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In all seriousness, I could not have chosen a more Godly man to lead me for the rest of my life and I feel incredibly blessed to serve as Austin’s wife… FOREVER!!! I am so ready to be the future Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Abigail Gibson!

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