Aurora and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met at a local bar through a mutual friend. He told her, “who is your friend she’s gorgeous! I have to try and talk to her…” well a few shots of courage later, all Nick could muster up when he was talking to me was, “where you from?!” I replied, “Caldwell” the poor thing was so nervous he just kept asking me where I was from another 5 times (no, really he did). From there he could see that he was crashing and burning so he excused himself. I thought he was going to the bathroom until I watched him collect his friends and leave the bar!

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He was so embarrassed he grabbed his friends and left!! Our mutual friend then reached out to Nick on facebook that night and asked why he got so nervous. Well I thought him getting so nervous around me was really sweet and it certainly didn’t hurt how handsome he is. So from there, I gave him my number and the rest is history! Two cats, one horse, and about 5 years later, and now we’re getting married! Nick is the best person I’ve ever known and I’m so lucky that soon I’ll be able to call myself his wife.

Aurora and Nick's Engagement in Saddle ridge riding center

How They Asked

Just recently I got a new job working as a Chemist so considering how busy we both were we had a very low key Valentine’s Day and we figured we’d carve some time for ourselves to have a nice dinner out next month. Not long after Valentine’s Day, Nick told me to take off the weekend of March 2nd so we could have our date night as we talked about already. So I took the weekend off and that day. We had a really nice morning getting breakfast together and going to the mall for a little shopping and then came home to start getting ready for our dinner reservation. When we got into the car to leave he told me he had a little surprise for me and I had to put this blindfold on.

Now, most people at this point would be skeptical of what was going on here but I was more concerned about messing up my hair that I just finished curling. So we’re driving for a few minutes, partially on a dirt road (my only thoughts at this point were that he better not have made me get all dressed up if he was going to kill me in the woods somewhere), and then we park and he tells me to wait. He takes my blindfold off and opens my door and I can see one of my good friends Meg taking video, and that we’re at the stables where I keep my horse, Buck. I had no idea what was going on as Nick hands me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and starts leading me down the aisle of rose petals leading up to Buck’s stall. From there Nick gave the most beautiful speech, got down on one knee and he asked me to be his wife.

Between the surprise of the proposal and the shock of seeing the most beautiful ring, I have ever seen (designed by Nick himself) I don’t think I have ever been more stunned in my life! I must’ve said “Oh my God” at least 27 times while it was all happening. It was such an incredible moment, and then it got even better! Nick led me back to our car where I assumed we were going to leave for dinner. All frantic about what just happened I’m grabbing my phone so I can call my mom and his mom to tell them all the details but we were driving to his Dad’s firehouse where all of our friends and family were already waiting for us!! There was never dinner plans and he had been putting this whole proposal party together for months. I still can’t believe he pulled this all off without me knowing, I still can’t believe he designed a ring so beautiful and most of all I still can’t believe I get to marry a man as amazing as him.

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