Aurora and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in junior year of high school at a Kaplan SAT class. He went to high school in NJ and I went to an all girl high school in NYC. We both live in NJ which is why we both picked a Kaplan SAT class in NJ. I remember the first couple of classes no one knew each other so the class was pretty quiet. I would be one of the first people in class because my dad would drop me off, right after I got off the bus from New York. I think by the fourth class Alex started coming early too and that is when we started talking. We became friends and started hanging out after class and on weekends. He worked at Dunkin Donuts at the time, and would always bring me glazed munchkins. Once class was over and it was summer time we started hanging out more. When senior year came around we began distancing ourselves and he wanted a relationship but I knew we were going separate ways, and leaving for college. We went to different colleges and completely lost contact. We eventually both moved on with our own lives. Around 2013 I think is when he friend requested me on Instagram. I saw that he lived in Arizona, and partied a lot. Fast forward a few years, I was 26, my 7 year relationship had ended and I saw on Instagram that Alex had moved back to NJ. On April 22, 2018, it was a Sunday night, I was home and saw his Instagram story and he was partying. I messaged him I think something like ‘partying on a Sunday, I’m jealous!’ and he actually messaged me back and invited me to come. He was in NY and I lived in South Jersey so that’s pretty far and I was too lazy to drive. He offered to pay my $128 Uber ride and I went. I was a bit nervous going because I was 28 years old and I had not seen him since I was 18 years old. We had not spoken for 10 years until that moment I sent him a message on Instagram! We had a great time that night and he invited me out to dinner the next day. It did not feel like we were strangers but like we had remained friends for years. From that moment we hung out more, went on vacations and eventually, he proposed!

Aurora and Alex's Engagement in Cancun Mexico

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How They Asked

We both love traveling and are always looking for our next adventure. In early 2019 we decided we would go to Tulum, Mexico. We had talked about getting engaged but I was not sure when he would propose. I had a feeling he would propose in Mexico but when I didn’t see him hiding anything in his luggage or put anything in the safe box at the hotel I thought definitely not in this trip. Days went by and no proposal so I texted my friend and I told her, he is definitely not proposing! I was not upset but I thought he was going to propose. Our last night in Mexico he said he had found a nice restaurant by the beach. I was like ok great that’s a nice way to end our vacation. I did not think anything of it because he always plans romantic dinners. We both got ready and left the hotel room. He seemed pretty calm until we arrived at the restaurant. It was a beautiful set up because our table was the only table by the beach and as I walked towards the table, the walkway was illuminated with candles. Again, he is romantic so I did not think he was proposing. It was when we sat down I felt he was acting weird. He kept looking around and was not looking at me. I kept asking him if he was OK and he said yes. Then he grabbed my hand and said stand up I want to show you something. At that moment I was really nervous and started crying instantly. He stood infront of me and don’t remember what he said because I was so nervous. He eventually got down on one knee and I said yes. When I said yes these fireworks went off in the sand and it was absolutely beautiful!