Aurelie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met my sophomore year of high school and have been in love ever since. In the middle of our relationship, my family relocated to Ohio and long-distance became our new normal. It was difficult and sad but we both knew our relationship could defy all odds. Fast forward 8 years later…we live together back in Philadelphia and can’t wait for all of the new memories to come as husband and wife!

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how they asked

Andrew told me that we were going to an event at the Rodin Museum here in Philadelphia. We got to the museum early and he asked someone to take our picture. Little did I know he knew the photographer and she was about to capture the best moment of our lives. As we posed for the picture, family and friends who came from all over the country lined up behind us waiting for me to turn around. Andrew nudge me slightly and as I looked behind us, the people that mean the most to us had spelled out “Marry Me?”. Of course, I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Lilly Dupuis
 | Photographer