Aurelia and Anthony

How We Met

We met at a holiday party in December if 2012.

how they asked

I decided last year, during the Jeffrey Osborne concert that we saw in February of 2015 that I would ask Aurelia to marry me at this year’s show. A few reasons, it’s her all-time favorite singer and it was where we attended our first concert together. When I gave her tickets 3 years ago, we were a few months into the relationship and I didn’t get tickets for us to go, if she wanted me to, I would, but I also knew her and her best friend Kim catch a lot of shows. So, we went and have gone back each year since then. So, in my mind, Jan-Mar 2016 was my window. Now the more challenging part was stalling for a year, since this topic of engagement tends to come up every now and then.

The date was not set, as the Birchmere typically has concert dates, 6-8 months in advance, so when she did ask about us getting engaged, I was not lying when I couldn’t give her a specific date, I couldn’t even give a specific month. I think dates were announced in Aug/Sep time-frame and when I saw that he was having two shows and one was on my Dad’s birthday, it was a no brainer, a way for me to honor and include him on this special day, once again, “But God”. All set, purchased tickets and put a countdown in my phone. I knew what type of ring she wanted and we looked at them in November, picked out what she really, really wanted and I picked it up a few weeks later and thankfully it stayed hidden in basement.

Now, the concert part, I wanted to make it somewhat special and I was set to just pop the question during the song “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love”, since we always dance to the song and every show we have attended, which is 6 in 3 years, but who’s counting, lol. I contacted the Birchmere and was promptly told, “We don’t do that, we can’t stop and interrupt the show, etc.” I explained I wasn’t looking to stop the show, I wanted to reserve a table or maybe just get Jeffrey a message that if he heard an eruption, not to be alarmed. I was told the most they could do was pass on my email to his management team. I heard nothing back, so a few weeks before the show, I went to Jeffrey’s website and sent an email to them as well, just letting know what I would like to do, that Aurelia was his #1 fan, that we had seen him 3 times last year and that I was going to drop to one knee, Lord willing and pop the question. Still, nothing.  So, my plan was to get there early, get a seat up close like we normally do, sit on the end of a table, so I would have room to drop to one knee and just do it.

When we got to the show, we sat down at the table and we were with some die hard Jeffrey Osborne fans, and as Aurelia went to the bathroom, I did let all of them know my plan.  They were all excited to help with the surprise and they even asked to see the ring and sat there filled with joy, like kids on Christmas. I asked if they could video and take pics and they all agreed. One of them mentioned they also been at the Saturday show and they were looking for me, which was a total shock. Aurelia was on her way, we ended the conversation, she came back and said, “What are ya’ll up to”, I made something up and the show began. I had no idea that Jeffrey Osborne had gotten the message that I’ve been trying to get to him and/or his manager and I was really surprised when he called me up onto the stage in front of 500 of his fans!  When he called my name and asked me to come up on stage, all I could hear was Aurelia saying over and over again, “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”.

I got up on stage, called Aurelia from the crowd to join me and then I happily got down onto one knee and asked her to marry me.  Immediately after the proposal the crowd was cheering and Jeffrey Osborne told us that we could stay on stage and dance while he sang on of our favorite songs.

It is now 48 hours later and we are both still numb to the fact that our “EPIC moment” was made absolutely Magical by so many. Although there were more than 500 people there, the dance felt like we were in our house listening to him on CD.



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