Aundrea and Jimmy

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How We Met

Jimmy and I met back in 2017 at a sports club in NYC. He walked right up to me with such confidence and said, “I’m going to marry you one day.” Needless to say, I thought he was crazy! After some persuasion, we exchanged information. A few years later we went on our very first date. It was on that date when I had realized what Jimmy knew all along. I was definitely meant to marry him! Our love story unfolded quickly and without warning. I guess it’s true what they say after all… the best things in life happen unexpectedly!

How They Asked

Well, first let me preface this by saying Jimmy is the type of man who goes above and beyond in every way. With that being said, his proposal was nothing short of perfection! It was a Wednesday and Jimmy had planned for us to have dinner in New York City. I didn’t think much of it because we did this sorta thing pretty regularly (we live only 20 minutes away).

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He had a driver waiting for us outside of our condo. We drank champagne and laughed the whole ride in. He made early dinner reservations for us and we enjoyed lots of food and drinks together. When dinner was through we hopped back in the car. Jimmy told me we were headed to this new rooftop that just opened up with “great views and even better cocktails”. I was sold!

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We finally “arrived” and I was so confused… it was NOT a rooftop bar! We walked into this building and took the elevator up to the rooftop. At this point, I knew… The elevator doors opened and I was floored!

I heard our song playing. The rooftop was covered with candles, red rose petals, and we had a perfect view of The Empire State Building… This was more than I had ever imagined! Then, he got down on one knee and I couldn’t contain myself. The ring was literally flawless! We drank some more champagne and took tons of pictures with our photographer, Tatiana.

Image 10 of Aundrea and Jimmy

When we were finished Jimmy told me he had one more surprise for me. We got back in the car and drove to one of our favorite speakeasies. He said our parents were waiting for us there to celebrate. But when we arrived the doors opened to all of our family and closest friends in one place! I was so overwhelmed and overcome with emotion. I couldn’t believe Jimmy had organized all of this for me! He made all of my dreams come true that day and there is no doubt in my mind that this kind of love and commitment will continue for the rest of our lives!

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Special Thanks

Tatiana Caiced
 | Photographer