Audrey and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met in college 5 years ago at a cast party for a play that Josh had performed in that evening. We hit it off right away and I went home from the party that night to tell my roommate about the handsome, sweet, charming boy I had met and proceeded to friend him on Facebook right away. He told me later on he had seen me sitting in the audience that night while he was performing and he missed his cue because he was staring at the pretty blonde girl on the front row :) After meeting him and talking to him more I convinced myself that because he was in a fraternity, he was a player and not for me. I went home for the summer and he texted me a few times asking when he could take me out on a date but I avoided it. When we came back to school in the fall he was in several of my classes. Within the first week, our acting teacher asked us to bring love songs to class and sing them as an acting exercise.

She asked Josh to go first, and of course she picked me to stand up and be on the receiving end of his love song! It was his job to win me over but I wasn’t having it. He chased me around the room singing “Everything” by Michael Bublé (which is now our song). I agreed to go on a date with him a couple weeks later, but was still convinced it wasn’t gonna happen for us and put up defense mechanisms to stop myself from really getting to know him. After our fall break, he sent me a really nice text asking if he could take me out one more time and have a second chance for our not so hot first date. I agreed to go. That date changed EVERYTHING! I let my defenses down and saw him in a whole new light. I was head over heels from then on (even though I really liked him all along) and things moved very quickly from there. He asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks later on November 11, 2012.

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Josh and I have known for several years now that we wanted to get married. We have been doing long distance for almost two years now because I have been pursuing a career as an actor while Josh got his second degree in Journalism and did a fifth year of school. We have talked about getting engaged for quite some time and Josh knew that it was something I’d been wishing would happen for awhile now. I have always told Josh that when he proposed I wanted to look nice and I wanted it photographed.

I was planning on leaving NYC to move back to Memphis with Josh, but wanted to get new headshots taken before I did. I had the photo session scheduled for April, but at the beginning of March I found out I booked a theater gig and had to leave town on March 30th. When I told Josh, he freaked out and said he had to make a bunch of calls. In that moment, I realized he had probably been planning to propose during my headshots. I rescheduled my headshots for March 27th, right before I left town and Josh bought a plane ticket to come help me pack up.

On March 27th, my headshot session was supposed to end at 1pm and Josh had told me his flight would be getting in at 2pm. I was REALLY hoping he was going to propose on that trip, but he lied to me saying he didn’t have the money for the ring yet. When I asked him why he had freaked out about me booking the theater gig, he said he had bought us front row tickets to see a Broadway show in April and he was stressed because the tickets were really expensive, but he was able to sell them. I TOTALLY bought it. I was very upset, but I knew he would be proposing at some point in the next few months. So, I decided I just needed to be happy and enjoy my time with him instead of pouting about the fact that he would not be proposing on his visit.

On the day of my head shots, I told the photographer (who also knows Josh) that my boyfriend would be coming into town later that day and we were going to get a fancy dinner that I was very excited about. During my last shots for the session, we were going to be taking some modeling shots. The photographer picked an open, wooded spot in the park and had me put on the pretty dress I brought to the shoot. He had me start posing, and then all of a sudden I saw Josh walking up in a suit! This handsome man (who I hadn’t seen in 6 weeks) started coming towards me, pulled out a small box, and got down on one knee.

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I was truly speechless! I couldn’t even really hear what he was saying. It was all a blur in the best way possible :) He had lied to me A LOT to pull of the surprise, but it was so worth it! He had told our fancy dinner reservation that we were celebrating an engagement, and it was truly one of the best nights of my life.

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I am still on cloud nine! I am SO happy and excited to be engaged to the love of my life and cannot wait to plan our wedding! Josh is such an amazing, driven, hardworking and encouraging man. I know there is no one else I could ever spend the rest of my life with and I am so blessed. I can’t say how grateful I am that he asked me on that second date and I said yes!!

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