Audrey and Vincent

Where to Propose in Hippie Tree in Belvedere-Tiberon, California

How We Met

Vincent and I became Facebook friends prior to officially meeting in person because we had mutual friends after a leadership retreat together (we didn’t officially meet at the retreat). I’ll let you in on a little secret, I remember thinking he was attractive when I saw him at the retreat, and after hearing about him from our mutual friends, I had the hugest crush on him (without even knowing him!). After a few years of casually admiring him on social media (aka stalking him), fate brought us together and we finally met in person. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but I definitely very enamored. As we started dating and got to know each other more, I was waiting for red flags or signs that he was crazy or not a good fit, but now almost 6 years later and he’s still pretty perfect for me. It my real life fairytale. Never thought I’d end up with the “stranger” I had a crush on.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hippie Tree in Belvedere-Tiberon, California

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hippie Tree in Belvedere-Tiberon, California

How They Asked

Our housemate asked to take photos of us as a couple to help jumpstart his new wedding photography site. I suspected that Vincent was planning something, so I casually asked “are you going to propose to me when we take photos with James?” We had been together for over 4 years at the time, I had just finished dental school, and we were starting a new chapter in our lives. I was anticipating for us to get engaged sometime soon, but because I’m so hard to surprise, Vincent had an ongoing “joke” that he was going to propose in “5 more years.” So in response to my question he said, “no you’re trippin’, I haven’t even bought the ring yet!” We laughed it off and the thought left my mind. The shoot was a week later on August 17th, which was our 4.5 year anniversary of being boyfriend-girlfriend, which I didn’t even realize until after. We went out to this vista point called Hippie Tree in Tiberon which had a nice view of the Bay Area. Throughout the shoot we were being silly with each other and Vincent would jokingly say stuff to me like “I hate your guts” and “I’m going to punch you in the face” to get us laughing candidly. As you can tell, Vincent’s a jokester… The sun was setting towards the end of the shoot, we hugged and kissed for the last few photos, all jokes aside. We exchanged meaningful “I love you’s” and before I was about to walk away, he said “are you ready for the water works? I’m going to propose now.” I said “shut up, stop messing with me” and walked away laughing thinking he was pulling my leg again. But little did I know he was getting down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I turned around, saw him, and was in complete shock. I just remember it was all a speechless blur. My eyes were overflowing as I was overcome with emotions. The moment I snapped back to reality was because Vincent kept repeating “you’re a 4 and 3/4, right?” I was confused until I realized he was trying to get the ring on my finger because it didn’t fit. Haha!

Life with Vincent is full of silliness and love in the best way possible. He’s not much for cheesy speeches, and I’m hard to surprise, but he pulled off a proposal that I couldn’t have imagined going any other way. And of course I said yes!

Audrey and Vincent's Engagement in Hippie Tree in Belvedere-Tiberon, California


Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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