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How They Asked

As a newly engaged fiance to my best friend in the world, I truly cannot say enough about our proposal, and the significance of the events leading up to and following it. My fiance, Ross’ timing was truly impeccable! On the coattails of my graduation with my Master’s Degree from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, Ross received word of his incredible promotion….which meant that in the span of a few weeks, we would be moving from Nashville, TN to Charleston, SC – YOWZA!!!

As a Midwest girl who had never been to Charleston, I had no idea what to expect. Knowing that in the following weeks I would be relieved on my school duties and he in the much-anticipated “job hunting phase,” Ross suggested that we go to Charleston the week following my graduation to secure housing! And, off we went! Mind you, I knew nothing about Charleston other than the fact that it was on the water and had some pretty impressive history attached to it.


We had just gotten into town, cozied up in our adorable AirBnb carriage house, and only had a few hours until dinner. Ross and I are avid Netflix cooking show junkies, and I had seen Chef Sean Brock of Husk, on an episode of the series, Chef’s Table! The first thing I said when I found out Ross got the promotion in Charleston is, “ahhh now we can go to the ORIGINAL Husk!” Naturally, Ross used that as a clever decoy to convince me to get a bit dressy! I was so excited for the food (typical), that I thought nothing of it. An hour or so before “dinner,” Ross asked me if I would like to see the boats and waterfront in the Battery area so I could send pictures to my mom (she grew up on the east coast and LOVES when we send travel photos as it feels like she is “with us.”). He drove around for now what I realize was an awkwardly long time (past Rainbow row, along one side of the waterfront down to the other…a few times…) and played it off like he was confused about where to park.


Naturally, I was distracted by the new scenery so didn’t really notice – I was just enjoying the beautiful view! When we finally got out of the car, we walked past the monumental statues on what I believe was the east side of the waterfront and began to walk alongside the water on the pier. We were holding hands and taking in the newness of the scenery that would soon be our new home. As it was my first EVER time in Charleston, I took a few more pauses than he did. I stopped midway through the pier and leaned over the railing out into the open breeze from the waterfront. It was then he grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me away from the railing and into the middle of the sidewalk (totally NOT a Ross thing to do in public) towards him…

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HE GRABBED BOTH HANDS, LOOKED ME SQUARE IN THE EYES and THAT IS WHEN I KNEW……all I can really recall are the first few words he said which were un-mistakenly, “Audrey…you know I love you more than anything…” and after that, I was so overcome with emotion it all went blank! As a person who is RARELY at a loss for words, the moment rendered me speechless. I almost FELL OFF THE PIER (thank God I didn’t – that would have been tragic!). That’s when Kailee literally appeared out of nowhere to do our engagement shoot! To say that this was out of my fiance’s comfort is an understatement. If it were up to him, it would be in the private area, but he knows I love the water and that I would have wanted to capture that moment so I could reflect on it for years to come (glad we did, since I virtually blacked out from shock *insert rolling sweat emoji*).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Charleston, SC

And it doesn’t end there…

After our 2 days in Charleston, SC, he SURPRISED ME with another trip to Gatlinburg, TN to stay in a lovely cabin in the mountains with his dad and his dad’s family! We went on a beautiful hike and Ross and I were able to toast our engagement privately at Clingman’s Dome – the HIGHEST POINT in the Eastern United States! Again, I was left speechless by the breathtaking views.

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Audrey's Proposal in Charleston, SC

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