Audrey and Ronnie

How We Met

Ronnie and I first “saw” each other before we formally met. We were at a mutual friends house and just locked eyes, it was the weirdest thing. It was a super intense moment that I remember like yesterday. Following that we started bumping into each other at house parties and became pretty good friends.

How They Asked

He proposed on the tallest peak of Maui, Haleakalā Dormant Volcano at Sunset. IT WAS PERFECT!!! I knew it was coming because my silly finance’ had something large and boxy in his pocket the night before but didn’t end up proposing that evening as the cruise we took didn’t end up being as romantic as we though it would but still had a blast and got a little too drunk. The following evening we’d plan to visit the dormant volcano at sunset, nothing was in his pocket as we were driving up there (of course I looked) so I assumed the proposal wasn’t going to happen that night either. It was a long a windy drive up but it was so worth it when we arrived. I’ve never seen anything like it, the views were STUNNING. Ronnie didn’t bring a jacket and it was around 40 degrees up there so we were just snuggling together and a older man sat besides us to watch the sunset as well and gave us his blanket. We ended up chatting for a bit and he told us he was with his sister that it was on his bucket list… he then proceeded to tell us he has cancer and I started to tear up and he then told Ronnie how lucky he was to have a women that had empathy and a beautiful heart and to make sure to keep me close and safe…moments later just before the sun was about to set Ronnie asked a lady behind us to take a photo of us. He gave her my phone and after she took the first photo my phone dies and I told him it’s ok we didn’t need a photo but he insisted to grab his phone as she was telling us to smile Ronnie got down on one knee and I could barley breathe… I knew he was going to ask but that still didn’t take away from the surprise or shock. It was the most beautiful moment I’ve experienced. We ended the night in front of our hotel on the beach with some bubbly. Best night so far!

Special Thanks

Palos Verdes Shoreline Park
 | Engagement Session Location
Nasty Gal
 | Dress
Paulina Milam Hair
 | Hair stylist
Makeup by Cori Stephenson
 | Makeup artist