Audrey and Robert

How We Met

When I was a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University, I signed up for one of the hardest professors for a Psych class without realizing. After chatting with some sorority sisters, they convinced me to drop it and sign up the following semester. I listened to them and a couple semesters later, I enrolled in a different Psych class. While I was waiting outside I found a friend named Josh that I followed into the auditorium to sit next to. At the very last second, an overconfident freshman boy walked in and sat on the other side of Josh. He waved his hand into a military salute and said: “what’s up I am Robert.” I waved non- chalantly signifying a “hey” back and that was our first interaction. A month or so into the class Robert asked for my number to “study.” From there we texted occasionally for about a year until he really started to show his interest in me. One morning he asked me what was holding me back from exclusively dating him and I panicked, and awkwardly said “nothing!” He replied with “then will you be my girlfriend?” Too uncomfortable to say no, I said yes.

how they asked

After four and a half years, living together and getting a (wild) Siberian husky, Robert asked me to go to South America to visit some of his family and attend a wedding. Of course, on the way there I thought that this may be the moment he asks me; in a foreign country, with all of his beloved family around him. Well, that did not happen and I remember consciously deciding on the plane ride home that I was 100% okay with the idea of not getting married, regardless of a ring, I wanted to be with him. A couple of weekends later we had a weekend planned for the gorgeous golf and spa resort, Streamsong resort. We pulled in around 9:50 AM, went up to the room and Robert said he wanted to walk the property.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Streamsong Resort

Without thinking anything of it, we left the room in our suits (me without makeup) and sunblock unabsorbed all over our faces. We starting walking towards the pool and it started to drizzle to which I suggested we grab breakfast instead. Robert insisted he wanted to look at the lake by the pool. We went all the way up to the water’s edge, drizzling rain, Robert hugged me so hard I could feel his heart beating a million miles a minute. Around 10:20 AM, he grabbed my right (wrong) hand, did a deep lunge, bounced back up and asked if I would marry him. I was so shocked I never did answer him, all I could think to say is “right now?” We spent the rest of the weekend in bed watching the British Open and receiving room service from our incredible family. It could not have been more “us.”

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