Audrey and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met at 14 years old during our freshman year in high school. I was on the way to pick up some textbooks and he had asked a mutual friend of ours if she knew who I was. Matthew was too nervous to ask for my phone number directly so he asked my friend for it. We texted back and forth for a while and then he asked me to go Trick-o-Treating with him!

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After our first date, we kinda became inseparable and have been together ever since! 11 years later and we are finally getting married! I feel super grateful and blessed that we got to grow up and experience all the big milestones together. I know he’s a keeper because he loved me before I knew how to fill in my eyebrows, so that’s pretty big.

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How They Asked

Matthew proposed on September 28, 2019. He took me to my favorite hotel in Laguna Beach and said that it was to celebrate our upcoming birthdays. That morning, he said we would be having a picnic on the beach before heading home. I know Matthew well enough that I could tell something was up. When Matthew gets nervous, he stops talking to me altogether (which is very uncharacteristic of him). Once we got to the beach, he nervously took my hand, kissed my forehead, and told me how much he loved me.

He started to get choked up and got onto one knee to ask me to marry him. OBVIOUSLY, I said, “hell yes!” To my surprise, Matthew hired our photographers, Kristine and Charles, to capture the moment and take our engagement photos right after! After soaking it all in, we started to head home and Matthew told me we had dinner with our parents to celebrate.

That night, he blindfolded me and drove me to our surprise engagement party. He planned a surprise engagement party for us complete with all our favorite foods, drinks, and with all our closest friends and family. I mean…the amount of love and support that surrounded us that night is something I will truly never forget. We all laughed, cried, and ate a whole lot.

Fun fact: after we proposed, he told me that he had a whole speech prepared in his head and was practicing it the night before…and he didn’t say any of it because he was so nervous LOL

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