Audrey and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met at our apartment complex in Dallas, TX. I had recently graduated from Baylor and was living with my girlfriends in Uptown. One evening I was taking my new pup outside and he ran over to Kyle and his roommate, who were grilling by the pool. I was so embarrassed because I had just gotten done with a run and my dog was jumping all over them and their food. I had a short conversation with the boys and then headed back up to my apartment. Little did I know that when I left that evening Kyle turned to his roommate and said “I didn’t get that good of look, but I think she might be really pretty”…. lol

We were causal friends for a while. We’d see each other in the hall way, or pass by in the parking garage, but that was about it. As the weeks went by, my roommates and I became friends with the boys and would hang out on the weekends. It was unmistakable that Kyle and I got along very well, but I had a very serious boyfriend at the time. I had been dating someone for four years and he live in TN for graduate school. We were all just really good friends, but Kyle had something different in his mind. I didn’t know this at the time, but Kyle called his mom crying saying that I was the girl of his dreams, he wanted to marry me, and didn’t know what to do because I had a boyfriend. Kyle respectfully told me how he felt about me, but I looked at him and said, “We would never be anything anyway and I love my boyfriend, sorry.” (It was awkward).

Then only a few days later… I got engaged. My boyfriend of four years surprised me, proposed and I said yes. I thought it was everything I had ever wanted, but as soon as the engagement celebrations were over I couldn’t help the sinking feeling I had that something wasn’t right. That feeling never went away. All the excitement and readiness I expected to feel wasn’t there, so a month into the engagement I ended things. It was by far the worst/hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and to be totally honest, it was my fault. I had wanted it.. I had pushed for it…I had rush it. So, take it from me girls… It will happen, when its supposed to happen, how it’s supposed to happen.

The night I got engaged, I got a sweet text from my friend Kyle telling me that he was happy for me and I would make a beautiful bride. But what I didn’t know was that boy was sitting at a lookout point outside the city, crying to his parents saying he didn’t know how to accept we would never be anything, but he knew he had to now.

When Kyle found out my engagement had ended, he was very clear. He told me only a few weeks later that he was in love with me and believed that we would be together. I, though a little shocked by his seriousness and certainty, started to feel that he just might be right. I had been fighting a lot of feelings for a while and I just couldn’t anymore. I know the whole “follow your heart” thing is just about the cheesiest line that exists, but I did just that. I followed my heart and it lead me right where I was supposed to be. I never believed in soulmates until Him.

And then just three months later, he moved to Nashville.

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how they asked

Kyle moved to Nashville for work only a couple months into our relationship. He told me the day he decided to move that he wanted to me come too……Y’all, I NEVER thought I would leave Texas. When I told everyone I was moving for a boy I just started dating, they were shocked to say the least, but I was excited! Fast forward a year and a half after living in Nashville, Kyle and I buy a house that he moved into with his friends. We bought the house as a future investment for when we did get married, but decided to wait to live together until after that.

About half way through the month of August, I got a text from one of our good friends who works in then music industry. She asked Kyle and I if we wanted to go to a pop-up show for this new artist that we both really liked. I of course said “Duh!” and thought nothing of it because things like that are really common in Nashville. And it turned out that the concert was scheduled for labor day weekend, which was the same weekend we had a lot of friends coming into town.

The weeks leading up to September 1st, Kyle was SLAVING over the new house. Fixing, decorating, building, and paying extra attention to the front porch. Now, if you knew him, this really wasn’t weird. He is very OCD about many things in life and with everyone coming for Labor Day, I knew he would want the new house to be looking just right.

The morning of the whole shindig, I had an exam. I had just recently started accelerated nursing school and was finishing my first semester. I was instructed to go straight home after the test, get ready, and meet over at Kyle’s. We had plans to eat dinner with the people who were already in town, go to the concert, and then pick the rest of my friends up from the airport. Kyle’s best friend of forever and his wife, Emily, were already in town. After arriving late to the party I was talking with Emily and she was telling me about a new “100 day challenge” she was doing. She is an artist and does these challenges where she draws something new everyday. So, it also was totally normal for her to ask if she could take our picture in front of the new house, so she could draw it. A few hours later, we are all in the kitchen eating, drinking and listening to music when Emily casually says, “Hey lets go take that picture before it gets dark”. I agree, grab Kyle and we head to the front porch. Brian, Emily’s new hubby, came outside too and said he wanted to take a picture of us on his phone cause the house looked so awesome. (Im sure Kyle instructed him to say that). Emily walked to the sidewalk and started to count to three when all the sudden, Kyle drop to one knee…… and I totally lost it. (and when I say “lost it” I mean in a completely non-cute way) I turn away from him because I honestly thought I might faint, but finally turn around and he pulls me close. He says, “Audrey, I told you when we met that you were my dream girl and that’s still true. I cant wait for this to be our first home together, I love you so much. Will you marry me?” and I once again said, “DUH”. He handed me the ring and I dropped it right onto the porch. He scrambles to pick it up and slides it onto my finger. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

He had worked for weeks to make sure that house looked perfect for our moment and I knew that’s how hard he will worked for us for the rest of our lives together. It was everything I could have dreamed and more. To top it all off, I walk back inside to see my sweet momma who I hadn’t seen in ten months and then his parents. They had all come to surprise me and once again, I ugly cried. We all went to a rented out room at one of our favorite bars in the city and celebrated the nigh away. It was incredible.