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How We Met

Grub – his name is a whole different story ;) – and I met in the summer of 2012. He got my number that night and we instantly started talking everyday. He left for a couple of trips after that, so we didn’t hang out at all after that first meet up, but we didn’t stop talking. We texted, called and Facetimed everyday. I felt a little silly because I had only met this guy once and yet we were talking as if we had known each other for years! A couple weeks after the first meet up and he returned from his trips he took me on this bridge over a river and I had my very first kiss. Who knew that my very first kiss at 16 years old would turn out to be not only the only guy I ever kissed, but my fiancé and SOON TO BE HUSBAND!! (I still scream eternally when I say that!!)

how they asked

I have a small calligraphy & brush lettering business through my Instagram and have recently wanted to expand it and make a website. So, I rented out a cute, white photo studio for the photoshoot so that I could get some photos of my prints and for my website homepage. Luckily my amazing, now fiancé (!!!), has an awesome camera and is really good at taking photos, so he offered to help. I had rented out the studio for two hours and knew that taking photos of my calligraphy prints wouldn’t take the full two hours. If anybody knows me, they know I LOVE photos. I love having memories and printing them and putting them in my room and I love taking photos of Grub and I to have. I think Grub knew I would ask for some pictures of us afterwards, hence how we got our amazing “in-the-moment” photos that I will cherish forever!

Grub had only picked up the ring THAT morning and decided that day that he was going to propose to me during the photoshoot! Grub had been trying to get ahold of my mother all morning but she was at work and wasn’t able to talk. But because he had decided THAT day to propose to me, he needed to ask for her permission! Luckily, on our way up, we remembered we forgot the tripod, so we turned around back to his house to find it. He was in the house for about twenty minutes “finding the tripod”, but he was really on the phone talking to mother the entire time! Sneaky guy.

After we had finished taking photos of all my prints and such, I suggested we take some photos of just us because we had some extra time and we were in a cute studio!! Grub told me where to stand and took a couple test shots of me in front of the windows and told me it was perfect. He started setting up the self timer and kept asking me “are you ready?” and by the third time of him asking me that I was confused and kept answering “yes……..?? I am ready???!” Finally Grub clicked the button and the self timer started counting down. Grub came over, took my hand, asked me one last time “are you ready?” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and overjoyed, I instantly burst into tears and started shaking. I could not believe it! It was the best surprise ever. After I stopped screaming and crying and jumping up and down he put the ring on my finger and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I still can’t stop staring at the thing on my finger! It’s mesmerizing! I cannot wait for our life together to start in September.

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